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How do you define prosperity? Many of us have related prosperity directly to money, and how much of it we have (or don’t have). But when you get right down to it, there’s more to living a prosperous life than money.

In this episode, Ray and Christy discuss the real meaning of prosperity, and how you can lead a prosperous life regardless of your financial situation. Plus you'll see how to focus your mind and spirit on financial success

Show Highlights Include:

  • Why money is not the root of prosperity and what you should be focusing on instead (6:28)
  • How the current use of the word prosperity has changed from the “old English” definition, and why this could be ruining your life (10:08)
  • Chasing this form of prosperity will leave you empty, and perpetually unfulfilled (11:56)
  • Take this approach to set yourself up for prosperity in both your finances and your soul (14:11)
  • You must eliminate these prosperity killers from your life in order to achieve your dreams (15:00)
  • The not-so-subtle way awareness influences prosperity and how to achieve it (21:03)

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Awareness is the single biggest gift that we have? If you're not bringing awareness to everyday to what prosperity means to what these things show up around money, around this conversation, if you're not bringing consciousness and awareness to that, you're always going to react. You're always going to stay in that trap, in that hamster wheel.

Hey, I'm Christy and I'm Ray. And our passion is to inspire entrepreneurial couples to cocreate the life and business of their dreams and enjoy the ride. Together, we built three successful businesses. We have a beautiful three year old daughter and we pride ourselves on living a life by design. And our goal is to help you do the same. Are you ready to take your relationship, your health, and your wealth to the next level? If so, let’s do this.

All right, so we're excited to be back. We got an amazing episode.

(00:51): We've got a lot of things cooking over here on both on board. We're going to share more with you on this episode. The word prosperity kept showing up in our environment and we want them to discuss what the word used to mean when we first got started, what am meant now, what limiting beliefs we have around prosperity kinda, and then where we're at back then and where we're at now. And that's our goal for you to do the work as well and kind of see what the word means to you. What did it used to mean and what it means now and what do you want it to mean? Right. So we're going to go over a little bit about the, you know, on that, on this episode, babe. So what does prosperity mean to you, angel?

(01:22): Well I think you were talking about before and now with all of this growth and, and stuff. So I think I'll compare myself to pre, you know, personal development and Kristy and then post personal development, Chrissy. But back when I was

(01:34): More in, back to the future, you know. Back when I was teaching, and I think it goes back to childhood as well. Right? It was just that for me though, the way I was raised was just enough like it was, it was enough to, you know, not see lack and not struggle and not like not have night. The, the, the, the finer things in life I guess would be like vacations and that kind of thing. We had all of that, you know, it was, I think it was very different than what your, your country, your experience with your childhood. But it was very different for me to just kind of, okay, now I'm working, now I'm making my money and, and like things were just easeful ish. But it was definitely money-driven. Right. Prosperity meant that you had more than enough money. I think we're all ingrained with that and it's like growing up because we see how important money is. Right? You need money for pretty much everything. So I think prosperity and back then was that that number, that monetary figure,

(02:30): Well you need it, but also you saw your parents chase it, so you modeled that right? You saw them not struggle, but it was a priority.

(02:37): Well, right. For me it wasn't, it wasn't, I wouldn't say they were chasing it and hustling like it wasn't that kind of thing. For the most part. I think it was more, yeah, you gotta work and you gotta be a good employee and you got to go to, you know, your job and then eventually you'll retire and then everything will be great. And you have health benefits and you know, like, so it wasn't like that kind of thing. Like on paper, everything looks great. I don't know that either of them were necessarily happy with what they're doing. And I think my parents, I don't remember my parents ever not liking their jobs, but it was, you know, it was a D it was a half to write, it was a, I have to go to work and then they will pay me. So when I became, you know, more like more of an adult and teaching and having my own expensive and my own things, it was that, it was like, I hope I have more than enough than what I spent. Right. So definitely it was very financially driven. Even when we started our business, I remember like all of our goals, most of our goals were financial freedom and cashflow, you know, X amount of money. And this man when he saved and this amount of money invested in this much, you know, cashflow months. So it was very like, once we have this, things are going to be fine. Well let's do your pre pre enlightenment.

(03:43): So my, my my kind of, what it used to mean what I saw growing up in terms of like, you know, even well, prosperity, what it meant when we first got started on this journey and met money and meant money and having the freedom that money can provide and then going after money and kind of what a model around money growing up was, money was a struggle. There was a lack of it. It was meant to be saved and hoarded, for lack of better term, not invested. And again, it's something that you sacrifice for and there's trade offs and delay gratification. And that's, you know, you didn't take vacations with it. You worked and you worked and you worked. And, and that's kinda what I modeled. And, and, and I modeled that you control others with money. That's what I learned. So what did purpose prosperity mean for me at that time?

(04:23): You know, growing up, mostly broken poor for what I consider bro, you know, like not broke but like just not well off either. Right? So I just didn't want to struggle, right? I wanted to, I wanted to thrive. I wanted to, and I thought money, you know, money would do that, right? Money wouldn't get us out of that trap and, and allow me, my family live whatever we wanted and, and, and not just prosperity with the money, but also success, right? Cause success was a little bit different than money. Success meant to that exterior world that I could show that I had made it, whatever that meant. And at that man, at that time that I had made, it was, you know, the cars, the money, being able to do whatever I want, you know, the vacations like, and that's what it meant at that time. Kind of like the, to prove myself right? That I had to earn it, right? So that's what it meant. So what does it mean now? What does prosperity mean now? So for me, prosperity, what does prosperity mean? Right?

(05:15): What does it mean to you? Not what you've heard or the nozzle. What is it really mean to you right now? If you had to answer that question.

(05:21): Yeah, what does it really mean to me now? Great question. Yeah, the, no, no, it's not where I want to be. It's where I am now, right? And guys, we lie to ourselves. So what does prosperity mean to me right now? Right now, prosperity means to do what I want to do with whom I want to do it. And that it feels easeful, that the process is joyful, that I'm enjoying the process of what I'm doing and more importantly, how I'm being as I do it. And still making money and money doesn't lead it from doing things that feel good, that are energy rich, that by the time I'm done doing them give me a greater sense of purpose, of joy and happiness. And I feel enriched after doing it. And the most important thing about prosperity right now is it means growing. And it means that I'm enjoying the process. I'm enjoying everything about what I'm doing and I am prosperous as I am growing prosperity. I'm not coming from lack to get prosperous. I'm already prosperous and growing and expanding my prosperity. That's what it means to me. Now. Am I living it every single day? No. I still have time to scarcity. Truth be told.

(06:37): So I think with this whole conversation, obviously as you're speaking, I'm thinking of 10,000 other things that I want to talk about, but I think that for me now, now I think for me now, it's almost like this feeling I get towards the end of my day where I feel happy about how it went. So it's, it's that ongoing feelings. I'd be like, you're just like, you're saying like, are you consistent with it? Maybe, maybe not. You're working on it. But for me it's like every day it feels a little bit different and every day can change. But at the end of the day, like maybe around four or five before, you know, or three, whenever, whenever we're done with the day and I look back and I think, did I take care of myself? Did I connect with someone? Did I do some stuff on the business? Did I do, do you know, did I read that?

(07:27): I meditate. Like I look back and I just kinda track my day and I'm like, if my day felt full and good and it doesn't always look the same, but that just makes me happy. Like it just, I guess that's the cheesy word is like, do I feel happy with the way my day went? And almost every day I look back on it and I, and I, especially on the weekdays when we have, you know, more of a structure and it's like, okay, well I want all these things to happen, but I also want the freedom, right? I want to be able to do the dishes and then come into the office and cut some checks and then, you know, go give Bree a hug and then go read and then sit outside in the balcony and meditate. Like, like having all of it, like having all of it flow and just feel good.

(08:04): And I feel like that happens like on a daily basis. Right? Cause we can be prosperous. They did. We have a prosperous year last year. Yeah. And there were a lot of not so great moments, but like if you can just do on a day in, day out basis, just why, you know, we, we, we've check in with each other a lot because we want to just, hi, how's it going? What are you doing? How's your day looking hot? How'd it go? You know, like we check in with each other both ways because it's, it's, it's that constant day to day. I don't know if that makes any sense. Am I making sense for me or am Rob right? It's that feeling of being happy with how, how things are progressing and how things are going. And you know there's going to be bad moments and there's going to be bad.

(08:44): Maybe weeks even we had a few, a few rough weeks these last, these last three weeks. February was not my favorite month, but just looking back and being able to see that things are feeling good, that things are flowing, that there's alignment, that there's ease that Gary was saying obviously that there aren't too many worries or we're not in scarcity. We're not in lack, we're not in, in struggle, right? Like all those things that we don't want to relate to prosperity. And then going from there and then just like checking in and just saying, okay, well today was a little bit off. What could I have done differently? Like I know this week I've been going to yoga, so that automatically is like a win in my book. Like if I can just show up to yoga and, and, and, and be a good mom and wife, then that's a win for me. Right? So definitely changing the, looking at the definition at least, and shifting it to what you're going through right now. Like right now, things are simpler. Things are easy. You know, it's not, it's not so just, Oh, did I do these few things that I wanted to do today? Perfect. It's a win for me and I feel good.

(09:38): Yeah. We had this talk recently in terms of like what, what are the kind of, what's the one thing that would change everything? And you know, for me it was meditation in the morning and some reading time. And for her it was yoga. So again, that's part of what prosperity means to us now is to get to do what's what we've both feels important. The word prosperity in old English means doing well. So that, that, that's kind of where the root word, but we've made it mean now successful in material terms, flourishing, financially, bringing wealth and success, right? But it used to mean just doing well. It didn't attach to material wealth. It didn't attach to flourishing financially. So what does my soul know to be true about prosperity? Here's ideally where I'd like to be in the future in this realm of prosperity.

(10:27): What does my soul know about prosperity? It's who you are. You were born to prosper. You were born to expand. You were born to be fruitful and multiply. It's who you are inside. You just forgot. And then what we do is we go out there in the world thinking these financial and material things are going to fill the void on the inside because we're trying to prove something to ourselves and we're trying to get something. And ultimately the outside will never fill the hole on the inside because there was never a hole to begin with. You are perfect, whole, complete and prosperous and abundant. That's your birthright. You were born from that. And then from that place of prosperity, you seek even evermore expansion and abundance, but you were always abundant. You were born abundant. Bob Proctor got it right. You were born rich.

(11:20): Good. Just ingesting all of that, digesting all of that. Yeah, I think it, and it gets funny how I'm looking at the, at the, at the definition as well. And I think it's, it's interesting how, how it got linked to that. I think societaly it's, it's just that's what it means, right?

(11:40): I'm not worthy. So I have to find something out there that I can go earn. And then when I earn it, then I'll be happy. And then the truth is once you've earned whatever you think that is, then you're really not happy. You still have that empty void. So now you're miserable because you thought it was going to give you happiness is not there. What'd you thought was going to give you that feeling of prosperity is not there?

(12:00): And I think we probably all seen and heard, you know, something along the lines of like, there's, there's a lot of very, very poor people that are incredibly happy and there's a lot of very, very poor people that are incredibly unhappy. And there's a lot of really, really, really rich people that are happy. And there's a lot of really, really rich people that are unhappy and everywhere in between. And so I think that it's from, from that initial doing well, right? Like what I was saying with my day, like did my day go well? Did it feel good? Did I, was I happy with what I was doing? Did it flow right? Did it, did it, did it go quickly? Right? Like sometimes things feel so heavy and that kind of thing. But like I check in with my day and I'm like, Oh, I had a good day.

(12:39): Like today was a good day. That in and of itself is enough for me to feel prosperous now. And to compare that to, well, to, to, to correlate that to money. I mean I think deep down it is right because I can do things that I think, I think that it is related but it's just, it's not, what is it? That cart, what came for, right? Like I think that it's, it's that feeling of, of feeling good and then there's things to support that, but it's not the primary player in prosperity. I think that that feeling is how you feel, how you feel about how you're showing up, how you feel about your day, how you, you know then

(13:19): Well, well just to see how both on board we are. I was writing down doing well and then I put an arrow B. As you do, what she's saying is another way from what I'm understanding is how are you being as you do these things cause everything else will follow from that state of being and you get to choose that every day. I think that's the most important thing about prosperity. Are you being prosperous? Are you feeling prosperous? Are you feeling that abundance that is naturally you and are you doing from that place so that the doing is already in an alignment with abundance and you're just going to attract more abundance? You can never come from lack to achieve abundance. It's impossible. You can't, you can't go from scarcity to abundance and we don't use that word. Can't lightly. It's not possible. They're, they're in two different spheres.

(14:05): Now, here's what is possible. You can be in scarcity and lack and still get money, but you won't be happy and you won't be fulfilled. Ooh, that's deep Bay. Cause we did that. We were chasing money. Right? It's funny, they call it a chase bank. We were chasing money, right? Isn't it? Thinking that it would give us something. And then ultimately what you thought it was gonna give you didn't give it to you. So it's, it's pretty interesting. I read a book, Kyle cease the illusion of money. And in there he's talking with Jim Carrey, the actor and Jim Carrey at a, at a speech said, I would hope that everybody gets rich and successful and has everything they ever wanted so that they realize that that's not what this game is about. And I couldn't agree with them more. And again, this is the path we're going on. This is the path we're on. And then actually guys integrating and ladies integrating that into your being. So it's how you live all the time is ultimately where we want to go to. So what stops us guys? It's fear. It's fear, these old limiting beliefs. And they come up and they come up and they come up.

(15:04): Well I think it's funny you say limiting belief because I was gonna interrupt you, but then I realized that it would fit into this is that limiting belief. Cause I seen that Jim Carey thing him say that and then there was like a whole article about how everybody was saying, Oh that's because you have it. Right. And I think that is one of my, like what is it like, like the buttons that people push and and I, and it just, it kind of, it doesn't make me upset, but it makes me like, no, that's a, that's a limiting belief, right? There is that limiting belief that, Oh, if you're just saying that because you don't have the money, once I had the money, then I'm going to feel that way. And there's so much evidence to the contrary. Right. And I feel like that's something important to, to just touch upon if, if not if you're one of those people, but if you, if your initial gut reaction is, Oh, that's because they have it.

(15:50): Right. Oh, that's because they don't have to worry about, you know, paying their bills or that's because they don't have to, you know, they, they've got, they've already, they've got it. So it's different. Right. And I think it's such a limiting belief to feel that way because that's part of the problem right there, is that you feel like something is lacking and when you feel a lack that you're just going to track more of that. Right. And if you feel like you're already 100%, even if you're living in your car, even if you're, you know, staying at your parents' house, even like, no matter what that negative circumstance, I am still 100% and I think that's how people do their, you know, quote unquote rags to riches stories. Are there things like, yeah, they're in luck, but they're like, I'm good. I'm, I'm whole. And like you said, and then I'm going to show up every day. And then eventually they get to that place where it's like, Oh, okay, money's here. And I think that most people have that so backwards that if they just try for six months or test it out for six months and just let go of that, right? It's like it's not gonna make a difference. It's really not. I've talked to so many people,

(16:47): Wait, I'm with you 100% I mean, Esther and Abraham Hicks always talk about through, through, through Abraham, they say it certainly is harder if you're, if, if you're, if your physical environment doesn't show abundance, but you get to decide what abundance means to you and you get to show up any experience, we get to choose what that means. So just because you are living in your car and you're feeling abundant and prosperous and grateful, you're going to attract that. But if you're living in lack, it's still possible to live in the real world abundantly. Meaning that you have all the material things that wealth and being prosperous would require, but you still feel poor and lack inside. None of the stuff on the outside is going to change the insights further. If you come from that lack place and you are living in your car and you are struggling and that is your story, you're never going to get out of that.

(17:38): Like you cannot see abundance. It won't reveal itself to you. You're not in the vibration of abundance and all that is an internal experience. We create our, not only will we attract them, we are the creators of our experience. We consciously choose what we want to attract to ourselves and what we resonate with and what vibration we choose. We choose that, so whatever's coming up for you, you chose it. You chose to have that experience. You chose to give it a meaning based on how you were feeling at the moment. You're on fire today. I've been, I've been a subject baby. This is, this is your life's work here. This is my life guys. This is the guys that I'm coming from the heart. I'm dedicating every day a couple hours to this. I'm reading books, I'm journaling. I'm doing the work to detach my identity, my fears, my expectations, my self worth to money and prosperity like it was tied to it.

(18:36): If a deal, one side was like hurt me, like I would get anxiety, this is my path, this is my path for growth. And realizing that everything that I want I can give to myself externally, I just forgot. And then to forgive myself for it. And again, not attached. We're so attached to this material stuff that when it goes away, I, yeah, you know, I would feel like I was part of it. So again, this still comes up for me, but if any of you amazing listeners want to join me or have a conversation on this path, this is definitely my soul's path for sure. And I'm going to help a lot of people with this. So we've talked about some of the limiting beliefs and again, so let's let now let's say limiting beliefs as they come up. So give you a perfect example.

(19:15): My wife yesterday said, Hey, the rents aren't in no. And I go, babe, I looked at the accounts in the morning and none of them rent for it. And then all of a sudden she said that and I felt like a gorilla punch my stomach. I mean it just like whatever I was doing didn't matter. Like I felt like there were a saber tooth tiger and he had his tooth up my butt. Like it just, it just felt like, like, like someone had ripped the inside. But I caught it. I go, Whoa, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. This is great. Hey, I love you. I appreciate you. Thank you for sharing. I breathed into it and I sat with that emotion of myself, value of my net worth of like someone's taking something from me. I just sat with, I emote that emotion and I forgave it and I forgave myself.

(19:59): I forgave my old self. That's why it came up. And as more and more of this stuff comes up and guys and ladies, as you start to actually do this work and be this work, you start to more stuff comes up. Well, why does more stuff come up? Because God wants to send more light and power through you. So he's sending you more stuff so you can get it up out of your system because he wants you to expand. But if you hold onto it and you judge it and you don't accept it and forgive it, it'll stay with you. It's coming up guys and ladies because it's your creation. You created it. It's coming back home to you so that you can love it. Guys, you're in two things, love or fear, and if prosperity is chasing something or controlling something or going after money, you're, you're in fear, right?

(20:41): Cause you need something external to fill the inside. So guys, the biggest thing we're always talking about, I know we're going to sound, I don't care. It's so critical as this awareness piece in guys and ladies, I'm doing it with you all. The awareness piece, the meditation, if you're not bringing awareness, awareness is the single biggest gift that we have. If you're not bringing your awareness every day to what prosperity means to what these things show up around money, around this, conversations around wealth, around financial. If you're not bringing consciousness and awareness to that, you're always going to react. You're always going to stay in that trap. And that hamster wheel and bad news is you don't get to graduate. You get to repeat that over and over and over in the lesson gets more and more and more intense until you get it.

(21:24): And if you don't get it, you come back to get it again. So the money and success, prosperity has to be an internal game. That's the ultimate. We're saying, Oh we would love for you guys to go through this process to find what prosperity means to you, what it used to mean, what it means now and what you want it to mean in the future. Look at your limiting beliefs as they come up. Is it congruent with where you want to go in the future? Cause there's some beliefs that come up that are very congruent with who I used to be 10 years ago and there was a lot of relationships in my life that I used to hang on to based on my lack and poverty consciousness that God source, infinite intelligence is looking to release me of so that we can all grow and expand.

(22:00): Same thing with you guys and ladies as you guys, as you change your definition to what prosperity means, it's going to change the world. It will literally change your world because as you change your definition and you start to live congruently with that definition, people, places things that are no longer matching that vibration fall out of your life so that you can show up, right? You're not able to build a new house on an old house. You gotta get rid of the old house. So this stuff is going to come up and then as it comes up, it's going to be challenging, especially emotional guys and ladies, release it. Let it go. Surrender, allow it to move through you and embrace it. You created a, you chose it, embrace it, love it, forgive yourself and then let it go. This is the work here that can really free you from the shackles of one day. Maybe later when I get this YZ I'll be happy then and really it's just a trap.

(22:52): I didn't think this episode is going to be so intense, but yeah, I was just going to say, I'd like to feel good and go to Starbucks and target and that's prosperous for me. But yeah, all that you said as well. So very cool. You're like a little G five player and you're like, yeah, just like it was born that I didn't have to struggle like you, I'd struggle enough in past lives

(23:15): It was different. I mean, this is my message and, and there's a lot of other people that are great people that are struggling and a lot of entrepreneurs, I see this often in the entrepreneur space and in the money space. Oh, I'll get to this one place and I'll be happy. And the truth is not that at all. They're there and they're miserable and they start drinking, doing drugs, thinking more is going to get them right. They start saying, Hey, I'm going to get more. And then when I get more, then I'll be happy. Look if something hasn't worked the whole way here, you think that doing more of it, it's going to get you somewhere else. That doesn't even make any sense. There's also the whole

(23:45): Like you do something but then and you get to that place and you and your, you know, you think you're going to be happy, but then you get to the next and the next one. That's what's it's always alluding you like it's, it's like, okay, we sent you this, you got this, you bought this, you know duplex and Oh no, but now I want the triplex. Now we want the 18 unit. Now you want them, then you don't enjoy it. If you're focused, lean, if you're always focused on the future, you're never enjoying the present. You're never grateful, right? So guys, can we live from that

(24:11): Place of grateful, prosperity, abundance, peace, love, joy. That is you. You don't have to earn that. You are value. You are success. Guys, I'm doing this work. If any of you want to join me, I've got a couple of books I'm reading through it. I'd love to join you talking about doing this work. We're going to give you guys an opportunity to do this work with us. This exact work that we're doing in terms of figuring out our life plan, figuring out what our, what our core values are, figuring out what, what we really want, what our life vision would look like and what these words mean to us. You guys can do it as a cup or you can come individually. Our goal is to have an event in may. We're still working on all the details, but plan may, it'll be a three day event in Miami.

(24:49): So you're gonna bring your, bring your swim trunks. It'll probably be Thursday, Friday, Saturday. And if you guys can stick around Sunday, we might do a little beach day if weather permitting cause you know, my name's got some crazy weather, but we would like to do a little beach day again, plan mid-May somewhere in there. And if you guys have an interest, please email us or send us a text. Most of you guys know who we are through Facebook, Instagram, both on board, on Instagram. Let us know that you have an interest. The investment's going to be low. It's not going to be a, you know, a high cost of investment and you get to spend time with us and we'd love to spend time with you and, and, and just nurture our relationship. We love you, we appreciate you. We're excited about this event. We really are excited for what's coming in and we're going to be doing it with you guys. I'm even more excited about that, that we're going to actually be doing the work with you guys and, and, and, and really walking our talk. They be anything else you want to leave our amazing listeners with? Nope. Just stay tuned. We love you.

(25:38): Appreciate ya. Thank you. Thanks for hanging out with us and listening to the both onboard podcasts. Go to our website@bothonboard.com to receive your free special report on seven game changers for highly effective entrepreneurial couples. You can also connect with us on Facebook and Instagram at both on board. If you got value from us, please subscribe to our channel and leave an amazing five star review so we can help others get on board to co create the life and business of the dreams and enjoy the ride. We hope to connect with you soon.

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