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As a business owner, you set out to accomplish something—and make it a reality. Sometimes, however, this driven approach to life and business leads you down the wrong path.

You work all day—and lose valuable time with family and friends.

In this episode, Bob’s wife Jennifer stops by and tells you about the reality of family life as with a business owner and how to decide when enough work is enough.

Show highlights include:

– When NOT to think about business. (2:55)

– A „therapeutic“ technique to free up time and reclaim your nights and weekends. (5:35)

– A revealing question to ask yourself if you’re available for your clients all the time. (6:35)

– A relative’s toughest part of dealing with having an entrepreneur in your close family. (7:50)

– Jens advice for relatives of business owners. (9:50)

– When it’s better to not grow the business, but keep it stable. (12:20)

– How prioritizing your family and private life can elevate the value of your business. (13:15)

– Why turning down leads can improve your positioning and draw clients closer to you. (15:25)

– How Bob worked less than before, increased family time (his clients loved it). You need to hear this if you work 80 hours a week. (16:25)

– Prominent examples of companies which prioritize days off—and rake in billions (18:15)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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