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Dads are usually seen as superman. You smash through brick walls, wear all the hats, solve every problem, and then finally make it in time for dinner with lots of energy.

This reality is far from the truth for most dads – unless you are in fact superman.

Why is that?

Most dads don’t live within their values. They try to do everything on their own and at the end of the day are burnt out. The “time freedom” business that you set out to achieve blows up on you and you are no longer there for your loved ones.

In this episode, join us with Jason Skeesick, an ex-US Army Veteran and coach who shows you how to live your life within your values so that you end up like superman and create time for yourself and your loved ones.

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • Use this military mindset to build a well-balanced life (so that you can have it all) (6:24)
  • The “core values” strategy that makes you a priority as a dad and live a life with energy and time freedom (7:51)
  • How this secret “plus equals minus” method helps you find mentors that speed up your learning curve (so you achieve your goals in half the time) (11:41)
  • A “cycle of life” philosophy that keeps you healthy and wealthy (so that you can share your energy with your family) (13:47)
  • How to find your true calling in life in one second (even if you have tried 1000 different things before) (15:14)
  • The “perfect week” calendar that makes you live within your values (so that others don’t hijack your time) (17:01)
  • How to manage your clients, your wife, and your kids with this “15 minute” incremental technique (19:33)
  • The “shiny object” syndrome that keeps you stuck in a loop without achieving your goals (and how to overcome this common problem) (22:57)

To reach out to Jason Skeesick, please visit him here: https://www.spearandclover.com/

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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