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In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Why thinking like an accountant instantly attracts more passion, purpose, and wealth into your business. (2:32)
  • How simplifying your goals stops the hamster wheel of trading hours for dollars in life. (5:23)
  • Why success doesn’t come from big, painful moves but from small, effortless habits. (8:02)
  • How tracing your steps backward illuminates your journey to a life without limits. (8:55)

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Welcome to the Sip and Soul Podcast. My name's Angie Leitnaker - transformational coach, self development junkie, network marketing advocate. For over a decade I've been obsessed with the power of human potential and realize that the recipe is the same whether you're 4 or 104. In this show you'll learn the recipe for living your best life through positive vibes and a soulful tribe. So grab a cup, let's fill yours up.

Hey guys, this is my dear friend, Savannah. She's cute. As a button. We are actually from the same hometown, believe it or not, and did not find one another until she was across the country and California. And we ended up hosting a retreat together, lumps three shorts. She's amazing business strategists. And I asked her to pop on and just share some things with us. So what even got you into coaching? I'm curious. Well, first off, I do want to say that you miss out a huge link.

(00:53): I moved back to Ohio for you, and then the world went on. I forgot that miner hanging out with me finally. That's true. But what got me into coaching is that all it just happened very organically. My background is in healthcare. I love helping people, specifically women, and I went the normal kind of route, go to school, get a good education. And I did all that and still wasn't very happy and satisfied. And I ended up getting fired from a career as a nurse practitioner, which then led me into kind of my Phoenix process. I would say I found what it really was I was passionate about, and that was traveling and helping people. And I wanted to help people outside the confines of the hospital walls, help people in the masses. I always knew kind of how we always talk about that little knock inside of us.

(01:47): So during that time that I got fired, I took some time off, did some deep soul searching and ended up hosting retreats before I even became a coach. And I was so blessed to have found you. And then that transpired into becoming a life coach. And now I'm a business strategist, which like lights my soul on fire. It has been so fun to see your evolution, like just starting from that deep dive into yourself and watching you unfold and then starting to give that away and helping other people it's so rewarding. So rewarding. So what do you feel like is your zone of genius? I know you touched on the fact that you're really honing in on working with women in a business strategy style, but what do you feel like is your niche? Yeah, so that great question, because that was not always clear.

(02:34): And I think, you know, it just by trial and error, but what now lights me up is really working with female entrepreneurs. And I, you know, I tapping into like, I'm a human design, I'm a generator. I have a very analytical mindset. So I'm able to see kind of this bird's eye perspective and make the common links. I would say more so than people, humble brag, but I'm easily able to kind of like put things, connect the dots, put things where they go. I love connecting people. I love connecting women with their purpose and their business. And really now just allowing women to connect their passion and to make their business fun and adventurous and link them back to what they first started for in their business. So I guess like a long story short wrapping that back around, it's just being the kind of the connector and having that like analytical mindset.

(03:33): I'm very masculine minded and for so long, it was like that wasn't good. I should be like, I should fix being masculine minded. I should tap more into my feminine. And now it's like, I get to be fun by being analytical, masculine minded. I get to have more flow and fun in my own business. Yeah. Oh, that's so good. You really do bring that to the T what are you here for? What's your passion, what's your purpose? And how can we monetize that? But like, you're really good about helping people do that. So what is the number one thing that you find yourself saying to most of your clients? So, you know, I always minus just like work harder, not smarter. And I think that goes back to my being analytical mindset. I think as women, we wear many hats and we kind of, we were just talking about this before, looking at our old paradigms and what our old self beliefs are and thinking that we have to work hard to get what we want. It's, I'm really, really releasing that old mindset with myself and with my clients and trying to like simplify, strategize, automatize, and just easy, make it fun and not make it. We overcomplicate things so much.

(04:54): If this podcast is awakening something inside you, if you are feeling lost unfulfilled or uninspired and want to gain clarity, if you're ready to shine from within and create your most soulful life, then join us in our seven day affirmation challenge series, where we'll program your mind into believing that you can create the most fulfilled life, go to www sip and soul show.com to sign up today.

(05:25): I think that's so important right now to just people who are really starting to analyze is this life that I've been living, even what I want to be doing. Do I even want to go back to that job? Or is there something inside of me, like a dream that I pushed down a long time ago? Cause I didn't think I was capable of reaching it. And maybe that's actually what I want to go for now. And I think that you really come in handy with things like that. Enjoy your life. We get this one and only precious. And so many of us wake up, we brush our teeth, we do that. Do I say this all the time? We like put the kids to bed and to bed and then we wake up and we do it all over again. And it becomes like this cyclical hamster wheel versus you going, like, what are you here for?

(06:05): What do you want to do? How can we make it happen? How can we, I mean, money is just an energetic exchange for value provided. So how can you provide value to the world and in turn receive and be compensated in it. That's a beautiful, like energetic exchange versus the hamster wheel trade dollars for hours. So I love that you do that. So what would be one applicable tool or activity to help people begin to, to look into creating life that they love? So I think, you know, I am really big on reverse engineering and just like, even just the simple question of asking yourself, what do you want? What would your look like if it got your life look like if it got to be fun, what would your business look like? If it got to be fun, if you got to wake up every day and what would your dream life look like?

(06:58): This is, this is when people get stuck in this rat race of just like doing the, do that question. Some people I remember when I first got with my boyfriend, he was like, I don't know. I'm just living life. You know, that's where I would start is ask yourself what you really want and don't hold back. This is your one precious wild life. And I fully believe in living life to your, to your absolute fullest. I can say that if I died tomorrow, I would have no regrets. And just asking yourself those, you know, it's not a complicated question, but sometimes we overlook it. And then from there to be able to achieve that, what I like to do is reverse engineering. So that's, you know, so this is your five year goal. Well then what's your three year goal. That's going to align you with that.

(07:44): What's your two year goal. That's going to align you with that. Your one year goal, your six year goal you'll or three, six months, three months, one month. And then what can you do to start today? There's a book I'm so bad at quoting people, but it's success. Isn't measured by. I don't know what it is, but your success is measured by the amount of habits that you have. So it's like what? Those small little steps you do every day, that's going to align you with your goals, your dreams, your aspirations, and that's going to make you successful, not sitting where you are and not taking any action. So it really think it boils down to taking those little small steps, not over complicating it, but really having a clear vision of what that looks like for you, girl. I am so into the reverse engineering to Brendon Burchard, he always talks about, you know, starting at the end of your life and working your way backwards.

(08:37): Like, what do you want to be remembered for? Why are you here? Like, what's your purpose? And then every day, if you do one thing, that's towards that. That's like you're winning, you're winning at life just every day. It's like those tiny changes in intention. So I love that. So any final thoughts you'd want to leave anybody with an art community? Anything? Well, I think, you know, just going back to the reverse engineering and how sometimes as women, we just love to overcomplicate things. And it's, if you have a clear vision of your why and a clear vision of what it is that you want in life, and you put your ultimate trust in the universe and faith into yourself, then you don't have to worry about the steps to get you there. You just focus on where you are right now, taking those little steps after you've reverse engineer it and the universe takes care of everything else.

(09:25): And it's as simple as that, things will start aligning with you. People start coming into your life that allow you to achieve your goals so much faster when we focus on the what and how to get there and make it so over complicated. That's where I see people get stuck in their tracks. And then you go nowhere. So it's start today. Start now do the damn thing and take one little step each day. Yeah. I love that. It gets to be easy. Didn't we have that conversation before we hopped on like gets to be easy guys. It gets to be easy. The Oak tree, that strain to grow like the acorn doesn't strain to turn into an Oak tree, the sun doesn't strain to shine. There's just, life gets to be easy. It's just where we put our attention. So I love you girl. Thank you so much for hopping on here and tell them where they can find you your podcasts too. Yeah. Oh yeah. So I have a podcast called wild within that's on all podcast platforms. Itunes is the one that I use the most and then my favorite place to hang out is Instagram. You can find me at the dot wild Savannah. I also have a Facebook group called untanned and unapologetic that's for female entrepreneurs as well. I give tons of free training, tons of free value on that. I'm all about community. So come say hi, send me a DM. I want to get to know. Thank you so much. Sweet girl. You're welcome.

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