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Whether you’re trying to improve your content marketing strategy, your bookkeeping or your paid traffic, there is no one tactic which works perfectly for every single business.
This can be frustrating: It creates overwhelm, confusion and even desperation when we don’t know how to move forward.… READ MORE

You might have seen some FB ads out there which you really liked. You could tell they converted—and were probably part of a profitable funnel.
It’s easy to think they know secrets about copy, marketing or persuasion.… READ MORE

Chances are you’ve run paid traffic campaigns before. Maybe you’ve even seen success and watched your marketing create steady results for you every day.
While watching your marketing make money like a well-oiled machine is fun, you’ll need to level up eventually to boost your business even more and increase your competitive advantage.… READ MORE

When you write a great blog article, a winning FB ad or a converting marketing email, what do you do next?
It feels great to write it off as a win and be happy about the money, pride or fame.
While there’s nothing wrong with celebrating your wins, doing this wastes potential.… READ MORE

As a listener of this podcast, you’re interested in making more money with paid traffic and marketing in general. Whether you enjoy tinkering with your own ads or don’t want to have to do anything with the tech, the thought of hiring someone to do it for you has probably entered your mind.… READ MORE

As an entrepreneur, you might have considered working with an agency or ad manager. Maybe you’re even currently working with one.
As an outsider to the world of running ad campaigns, listening to them talk about what they’ll do might be confusing at best and infuriating at worst.… READ MORE

You might’ve noticed many of the marketing campaigns you see are suspiciously similar to other campaigns. And it’s true: Once something is successful in one area, entrepreneurs and marketers flock to the market to profit off of the idea.… READ MORE

If you’re an entrepreneur or a marketer, you’ve probably heard one word a million times: Content. Some people love content, others hate it. Some create content daily, others yearly.
But most importantly, there doesn’t seem to be a clear consensus on content.… READ MORE

When you’re in business for yourself, you know what risk feels like. Sometimes you take small risks, other times you place a huge bet.
Whatever way you think about risk, you need to be cautious:
Shying away from risk can stifle your growth, but taking huge risks can end in ruin.… READ MORE

When you pay your employees, buy ads or just spend your time on your business, you probably think of it in terms of ROI.
ROI is an important metric in business.
You most likely think of ROI as a measurement for financial transactions.… READ MORE

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