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When you write a great blog article, a winning FB ad or a converting marketing email, what do you do next?
It feels great to write it off as a win and be happy about the money, pride or fame.

While there’s nothing wrong with celebrating your wins, doing this wastes potential. The truth is: By using a step-by-step process described in detail in this episode, you can multiply the value your biggest winners create for you.

In this episode, Justin describes what he calls “Message Mirroring” so you can multiply your numbers without multiplying your workload.

Show highlights include:

– The difference between the commonly known content repurposing and message mirroring. (3:55)
– How much of a jump in conversion Message Mirroring could get you. (5:50)
– An underrated use for your email list—use this 30 second trick to get a hyper-reactive audience. (7:00)
– How to convert people who ignored your previous marketing. (12:40)
– The one “make or break” thing which must be fulfilled for effective Message Mirroring. (15:55)

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