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When you pay your employees, buy ads or just spend your time on your business, you probably think of it in terms of ROI.
ROI is an important metric in business.
You most likely think of ROI as a measurement for financial transactions. This episode clears up this common misconception.
While ROI is a good metric for investments, a second (perhaps more important) type of ROI is often neglected.

In this episode, you learn all about the second type of ROI and how you can build a better life and business by focusing on this metric. Plus, you learn why focusing purely on financial ROI on your business and life can make you less happy and devour your free time.

Show highlights include:

– The underappreciated second type of ROI you can focus on to improve your life. (3:20)
– Why starting a business can be a great way to get a financial ROI—but why the second ROI is negligible for the first few years. (10:50)
– How long successful investors wait to see an ROI. (14:55)
– How to maximize both types of ROI. (17:10)
– The biggest ROI-problem entrepreneurs have when working with ad agencies. (22:50)

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