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You might’ve noticed many of the marketing campaigns you see are suspiciously similar to other campaigns. And it’s true: Once something is successful in one area, entrepreneurs and marketers flock to the market to profit off of the idea.… READ MORE

If you’re an entrepreneur or a marketer, you’ve probably heard one word a million times: Content. Some people love content, others hate it. Some create content daily, others yearly.
But most importantly, there doesn’t seem to be a clear consensus on content.… READ MORE

When you’re in business for yourself, you know what risk feels like. Sometimes you take small risks, other times you place a huge bet.
Whatever way you think about risk, you need to be cautious:
Shying away from risk can stifle your growth, but taking huge risks can end in ruin.… READ MORE

When you pay your employees, buy ads or just spend your time on your business, you probably think of it in terms of ROI.
ROI is an important metric in business.
You most likely think of ROI as a measurement for financial transactions.… READ MORE

In entrepreneur circles, failure is a big topic. People talk about “failing forward” and why failure is so important—others resent failure and want to do it right the first time. Maybe you’re afraid to fail.… READ MORE

If you’re an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. With all the information out there, you might be wondering what deserves your attention—and what’s a waste of time.
In this episode, Justin reveals some big picture insights for you:
He shares the “Targeting Trifecta“, a three-part framework you can use to increase revenue, lower lead cost, become nearly immune to changes in online platforms and gain a crystal-clear focus to guide your business decisions.… READ MORE

You probably already know there are many keys to success with paid traffic: Copy, visuals, budget, back-end conversion etc.
You might think getting all these right would guarantee success, but you need to get one thing right so any of this can be effective: Your audiences.… READ MORE

If you’re an entrepreneur, chances are you’ve experimented with FB ads or other PPC advertising.
Maybe you’ve seen some success, maybe you’ve failed. It’s tough to watch marketers rake in big money while your PPC isn’t working.… READ MORE

If you run a business, you can call yourself CEO, founder or president. But in reality, you’re a decision maker.
In a small business, you might execute most or all decisions. In a larger business, you may have employees put your decisions into practice.… READ MORE

In this fast-moving business world, you can’t afford to waste time and money. One bad investment of any resource can topple market leaders and kill up and coming businesses.
This episode teaches you how to minimize the role chance plays in your marketing.… READ MORE

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