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“Jonathan, session two of podcasting 101 was AWESOME dude. Personally, i got the most out of the ‘swagger' section and how to attract more high value guests. 100% using this gear on The Pete Godfrey Show. Cheers bro!” ~ Blake Sterling

Watch this video to find out how even as a brand spanking newbie podcaster you can book any high quality guest you want using my easy to use 3 step “Charisma” builder.

There are two more videos in this series,

Video #1: Find out how you can start your podcast for less than $250 and get it into iTunes as quickly and painlessly as possible in video number one.

Video #3: Find out how you can build your tribe, get more downloads, hit the top of tunes, and make more dough in video three.

Get All three videos plus the mindmaps for the ridiculously low price of thirty seven dollars when you click the add to cart button below.


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