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Podcast Guroob Lies – EXPOSED

They DON'T want you to see this.

Podcasting is black box right now.

The only data you can get is your own.

And sometimes that's not enough.

You ever wonder what kind of listenership you should expect if you’re starting your own show?


You ever wonder how your podcast stacks up to other shows like yours?

((( Good news buckeroo. )))

The world leader in podcast hosting just leaked some very interesting data.

This is the kind of stuff those Podcasting Guroobs out there don’t want you to see because it’ll blow up one of the biggest myths in podcasting.

< The “Sponsor” myth. >

Most people who work in podcasting wouldn't tell you about this.

But I'm not them.

I'm going to give it to you straight.

Watch this video to see why it doesn’t matter if you’re doing podcasting the RIGHT way.

Download the Libsyn Benchmark Data by clicking the red DOWNLOAD button

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