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Wouldn’t it be nice if buyers chased you around to sell them a deal instead of the other way around? 
Well there’s an easy way to do that — and that’s by creating a bond with your buyers and knowing exactly which bells and whistles will them drool. READ MORE

Building relationships with your clientele is the most effective way to make more money. 
Not only does it help you close the initial deal, but many buyers will come back for more deals — if you treat them properly. READ MORE

Minimalist living is all the rage — especially for millennials who can’t afford the houses their parents bought. 
But the minimalist revolution is two-pronged: elderly people also want a place to downsize to in the neighborhoods they lived in for most of their life. READ MORE

RTO mobile park homes can be a powerful way to add coins to your piggy bank. 
The trouble is there are a lot of variables that can wreck your deal. 
In this episode, Eric Wanck, a fellow mobile home park broker, joins me to share his story about closing a RTO mobile park home in Arrowood. READ MORE

Finding a mobile home park broker can be tough. Mobile home parks are one of the hardest assets to close on — meaning, if you don’t find the right broker you can sabotage your profits. 
But there are simple things you can do that will help you find the best broker for your mobile home park.READ MORE

A lot of counties have dumb and prejudiced laws about mobile park homes. 
But you don’t have to let a stupid law stop you from buying a mobile park community in their county. 
There are plenty of ways to get around these ordinances.READ MORE

Buying and selling mobile home parks is a great way to create passive income — if you do it right.
The trouble is, there are several tiny factors that are powerful enough to gobble up all your margins and ruin your passive income dreams. READ MORE

This show is for Mobile Home Park investors who ARE ON THE QUEST higher yields. If you’re a savvy investor who is operating, buying and selling mobile home parks, this show is what you’ve been waiting for.… READ MORE

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