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“You got to learn how to dominate the niche before you can add a niche. Stay committed to dominating that niche and then the other stuff will take care of itself.” – Jonathan RiveraREAD MORE

“We can’t go out and write a hundred blog posts one day or make a hundred phone calls one day or starve yourself one day or work out for one day and expect to get results on at that. It’s about the consistency.” – Darin PersingerREAD MORE

“Do you have a scoreboard in your business? You should have a scoreboard so you know how much time is left in the game and where you’re at. Are you winning? Are you losing? Have awareness.” – Darin PersingerREAD MORE

“The beauty of once you start thinking commitments is you need to get rid of stuff. You can’t be committed to everything.” – Darin PersingerREAD MORE

“If you lead with listings, listings lead to leads.” – Darin Persinger
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“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb

Here’s the Productivity Junkies people model you heard about on the show:

“Nothing is less productive than to make ore efficient what should not be done at all” – Peter DruckerREAD MORE

“How you think is more important than knowing how to do something” – Darin PersingerREAD MORE

“Its so much easier to worry about details than it is to take action” – Jonathan Rivera

“Once you accept the 72 hours rule it will open you up to implement quickly becuase you can say, ‘Do I have time to implement this in the next 72 hours?’ If not, throw it away.” – Darin PersingerREAD MORE

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