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From the Desk of Jonathan Rivera

If you're on this page you're probably asking yourself, “Who is this Jonathan Rivera guy and what is The Podcast Factory®?”

First things first, that's me in the picture. The guy with the big smile and the leather jacket.

The photographer told me I had to smile otherwise I'd look serious AF.

That's how I roll.


Let's get you up to speed.

I am known by many names: Producer Jonathan, The King of Podcasting, Joe Nation, and since I became a father…

Daddy's Working

I started podcasting in 2009.

Since then I've helped over 89 coaches, consultants, and personal brands launch podcasts to eager audiences.

They've racked up millions of downloads.

Grew massive audiences.

And made hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales using my Direct Response Podcasting® framework.

That's why the top coaches, consultants, and personal brands trust me and my team at The Podcast Factory® to help them leverage the power of podcasting to turn listeners into raving fans and rabid clients.

Our system makes you unforgettable to your audience.

But that doesn't tell you much about The Podcast Factory®

The Podcast Factory®

This all started as a passion project.

I knew some amazing people who were responsible for so many good things in my life and business.

I wanted them to help more people.

So they could make an even greater impact.

We started recording our conversations.

Put them on the air.

And their audiences grew.

They loved it, told their friends, and they wanted us to do it for them too.

The rest is history.

Coaches, Consultants, and Personal Brands

Since our humble beginnings in 2015 we've helped over 89 experts launch their podcasts to eager audiences.

If you are a Coach, Consultant, or Personal Brand.

And you want to gain more visibility and authority,

While at the same time shortening your sales cycle…

I can show you how to do it using Podcasting.

So let me ask you…

You want to be a recognized leader in your market?

You want people to know your name?

You want easier sales?

Then let's hop on a call and I'll show you how you can plug our Direct Response Podcast® Framework into your business to make you a celebrity in your market.

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