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A great mentor can guide you, inspire you and connect you with the right people. But there’s many bad apples out there you need to be wary of when it comes to hiring a coach. These people will happily take all your money, rob you blind and leave you on the side of the street for dead.… READ MORE

As an Entrepreneur, there’s going to be times in business where you’ve got to give up your control for cash and vice versa. It’s a fine balance that most people never conquer.
Their efforts are either weighted on one side of the scale or the other.READ MORE

Taylor shares his insights from a week in California with a multi billionaire marketing consultant.  While there’s no foolproof blueprint to success, there is however common traits ALL successful high performers possess.READ MORE

When it comes to increasing your reach and engaging with your audience, live video wins hands-down every time.
Combine live streaming videos with the world’s most powerful social networks, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for maximum engagement and unrivaled reach.READ MORE

Today’s Traffic and Funnels episode doesn’t have a main focus.
Instead, the boys have put together an arsenal of quick fire biz and marketing nuggets that cut through the minefield of complicated jargon to help you progress forward.READ MORE

Want to know how the smartest guys in marketing are ‘fooling’ the world and robbing people blind?
Then tune in to make sure you don’t become their next victim!
Just kidding.
All joking aside, today’s episode is all about reaching your full potential rather than retreating back to the proverbial ‘bucket’ where all other mediocre crabs will spend their entire life.READ MORE

From travelling the country as a dead-broke stand up comedian to legendary copywriter and founder of  Copy Chief Community, Kevin Rogers  is today’s special guest on the Traffic and Funnels  show.READ MORE

T Mummy and C Nanny (aka the Smartest Guys In Marketing) are back in the house today talking all things Money.
The filthy and down right dirty subject that many people have an unhealthy relationship with.READ MORE

Ever notice that some people just seem to get lucky…overnight?
They appear out of thin air and just like creme, rise right to the top. Their content shoots to the top and get shared and mentioned all over the internet.READ MORE

Better to be safe than sorry.
A common phrase used by the majority of people in the world today.
The elusive idea of having a safety net under everything you do in order to reach your goals are massively flawed.READ MORE

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