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Your fears can be the most significant obstacles to your success.
They have the power to stop you getting what you truly want as well as making you believe your chances of success are SO small, you don’t even try to obtain them.… READ MORE

The real secret to reaching your goals and optimum productivity is through doing less while achieving more. The famous saying goes; ‘work smarter not harder’ but very few people understand how to put this principle into real-world practice to produce quantifiable results.… READ MORE

Haters: The people who try and sabotage your success and burn you to the ground.
They can’t stand to see your progress and worse, succeed. But the ‘weird’ truth is that you NEED more haters to reach your life goals.… READ MORE

Chris and Taylor chat with special guest and client; Trisha Mandes.
Trisha is an expert nutritionist who specializes in sustainable weight loss for people who have tried everything else and failed.… READ MORE

Indecision and doubt will almost certainly haunt anyone climbing the personal or professional success ladder.
The devil’s wedge of doubt only needs a tiny crack to infiltrate one’s life. It’s sneaky, and it will show up in your daily life when you least expect it to, trying it’s best to keep you safe inside your ‘comfort bubble.’
And doubt doesn’t disappear the more successful you become.… READ MORE

Being ‘selfish’ is almost always seen as a negative thing. Most believe it’s caring only about yourself and disregarding others. But this couldn’t be further from the truth as you’ll find out in this episode.… READ MORE

Happiness is a weird thing – especially for entrepreneurs.
The truth is, most entrepreneurs live their lives fighting ongoing fires feeling constantly overwhelmed. They have a hard time not only ‘being’ happy but accepting that they’re even allowed to feel great!… READ MORE

If you’re an expert based business owner, and struggling to scale to 7 figures, you can’t afford to miss this episode. Chris and Taylor share their insights into why many entrepreneurs hit a brick wall and remain stuck at a 6 figure ceiling, unable to breakthrough to the next level.… READ MORE

It’s inevitable at some point on your business building journey, you’re going to have to raise your target hourly rates.
Many business owners begin by charging a less than average rate for their services, and as their business grows and their experience levels flourish, they begin to slowly raise their rates to match the value they provided.… READ MORE

Chris and Taylor share some of their favorite ‘binge worthy’ podcasts you should check out over the coming Christmas holiday.
Show Highlights:
– You’d be down right stupid if you didn’t listen to THIS podcast (3:10)
– The no B.S show to help you dominate business and life (3:30)
– Being punched in the mouth is the best way to build a business (5:45)
– How Taylor met legendary veteran copywriter John Carlton (8:45)
– Acquiring top shelf talent (13:00)
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