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David Garfinkel

Brian Kurtz

David Deutsch

Brian Voiles

Lori Haller

Tom Schreiter

Richard Armstrong

Walter Bregman

Joseph Schreifer

If these names mean anything to you then you know this is a who's who of the copywriting A-List.

These are just a few of the people joining us inside El Benbo's Apprentice.

Are you in?

This week at “The factory”


List Building Lifestyle with Igor Kheifets

“How to make them cry and take their money”

If you’re a coach, mentor or you’re just trying to recruit high quality people into your business, you’re probably bumping against a pesky problem.
There’s just not enough hard-working action-takers around, are they?
If you really want to change the world one person at a time…
You must learn how to hurt people.
Death, Glory, or Disappointment
“How to get out of your own skin: A guide for introverts”

Off the Chain Show with Doberman Dan

“I've discovered a cure for cancer”

And it works almost instantly.
You’re about to hear the story of Krebiozen.
And how this secret not only cures cancer… it can bring you riches beyond belief.
Heck, it can bring you ANYTHING your heart desires.

Copy Chief Radio with Kevin Rogers

“About you”

Do you know what the most read page on your website is?

Find out what it takes to make a great “about” page on this weeks show with special guest April Dykman.

Epic Story Lifestyle with Michelle Spiva

“How to write good”

You're about to become a better writer after listening to this week's show
AntipreneurAntipreneur with Ben Settle

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Producer Jonathan

Producer Jonathan

Jonathan is a serial entrepreneur, podcast growth expert and the executive producer of The Podcast Factory network where he co-hosts 6 weekly shows with industry experts in sales, marketing, and building a business from the ground up with little or no seed money.

Jonathan has been making a living podcasting since he launched the Making Agents Rich Show in 2013. His proven system to launch a podcast show has landed his last 11 shows at the top of the charts in iTunes. He now writes a paid print newsletter that is read in 9 countries called the “Podcast mogul” where he helps his readers turn their podcasts into profitable business’

If you’re a successful business owner who is serious about adding a podcast to your marketing mix you can schedule a call with Jonathan to go over your ideas and see if a podcast makes sense for you.

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