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A pissed off subscriber wrote to us about our recent changes to the Ben Settle Show.
It was so darn good I couldn't bare to edit it, so Im giving it to you raw with my responses in BOLD
Not that I wouldn’t consider signing up, but probably a HUGE mistake for you, Im really surprised Johnathon would support you on this, he should know better, he is a content publisher (isn't he? or has he gone mad too?)
>> First of all, thou shalt not take my name in vain – it's spelled Jonathan and I most certainly have not gone mad. I was already crazy before I started working with Ben. Ithink that's why we get along so well.
>> Second, I am not a “content-publisher” – I am a capitalist pig who wants to profit from my work. 
What’s next, your daily emails will become a (paid) subscription-based “privalege”?

>> Anything Ben or I publish is a privilege. You're lucky to have it and you should be thanking us each time you get it.

Then what, you’ll want to be paid for personal conversations in your day to day life? Imagine calling the doctor for an appointment but telling the receptionist you need her to PayPal you $10 before you say another word…

>>You now owe me fifty dollars for this response (please send it via pay pal) – thanks for the awesome idea to make me richer and greedier than I already am.

Receptionist: oh but we can’t do that Mr. Settle

Ben: fine, I’ll find another doctor

New Doctor: oh we’re not setup to do that Mr. Settle

Ben: fine, I’ll find another doctor

Another new doctor: can you repeat that please?

Ben: nevermind, I’ll use a wrench

Until there are no more doctors, dentists, lawyers, girls, customers, it’s a lonely ride you’re embarking on and because I know you secretly thrive on unsolicited advice… You’re slowly painting yourself into a corner, both professionally and mentally… when will the madness stop? At complete isolation?

>> It is lonely at the top, but it's also quiet and I kinda like that.
You’re doing everything right but you’re misinterpreting your success in a big way, don’t screw it up now Ben… What if you’re wrong? What if Im right?
>> Being wrong is a normal part of doing business, the most successful people have more failures under their belts than successes.

You’ll loose a lot of respect and authority if you’re forced to go from “paid” back to free, people will forget what they really know and like about you, and connect Ben Settle to “confusion, desperation, greed” (and not just prospects and fence sitters, but long time subscribers).
>> You think Elon Musk lost respect for all his rockets that crashed and burned? The only one people remember is the one that landed.
Don’t risk it Ben, don’t throw it all in the wind and hope it comes back.
>> Not taking risks is for pussy cats.

I speak for the little people (read: the masses)

>> If people are so little they can't invest twenty three cents per day, they've got bigger problems than our content no longer being gratis.

Did I make a dent?

>> No
That was fun.
Now on to some important business.
Ben, Misty and I have a lot of cool stuff in store for you inside El Benbo's apprentice.
Aside from the fact that you'll have access to every single Ben Settle Show in our archive, you'll also get four brand new shows each month.
We're also including monthly accountability and challenges to help you grow your biz and make more dough.
If that wasn't enough we're throwing in one A-List copywriter interview per month where we go in depth on how they write such amazing ads.
But wait, there's more…
Each month we'll have a live call in show where you'll actually get to talk to El Benbo himself. This alone is worth way more than the tiny little investment you'll make to join.
Anyways, I‘ve said too much.
When we launch you'll get all the details. For now you can get on the waiting list athttp://ElBenbo.com
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Producer Jonathan

Have a podcast in 30 days

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