Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles

I managed to pull this podcasting masterclass out of the vault to share with you.

Here's some of the interesting stuff you'll find out:

* SEO hacks for ranking way higher than your competitors.

* A secret way to get iTunes to send you a crap load of traffic.

* Why 90% of online marketers should NOT be podcasting (despite what the hype & swipe goo-roos claim) and how to know if you should or not. (We spend more time talking you OUT of doing podcasting than trying to persuade you TO do it.)

* How to make out like a bandit selling ads on your podcast

* Why podcast listeners make the best customers

* How to bond with your audience while they are in the bathroom

* What the #1 podcaster on the planet does to drive over $100k into his coffers each month. (Hint: It ain’t complicated or hard, and it works like gangbusters.)

* 3 things you must have before you start podcasting. (This is the exact opposite of what all the podcast ex-spurts say—and here’s undeniable proof why they’re wrong.)

* How to “ethically rig” your podcast to double both your downloads and sales.

* The step-by-step on how to get your podcast on iTunes.

* What exact software and equipment to use (my first couple shows sounds like crap because I didn’t know this.)

* Why so many copywriters make terrible podcasters.

* Why great email writers are excellent podcasters by “default.”

* What podcasters on a shoestring budget should know.

* A little-known way to use your computer’s keyboard to give yourself an instant advantage in podcasting.

* How to not sound like an idiot on your podcasts. (After making this mistake, I still cringe at the thought of anyone listening to 2 specific podcast episodes I’ve done.)

* How to make your voice sound deeper on the air.

* Rush Limbaugh’s secret to exploding podcast revenues.

* Should your show be mass market or niched? (You might be surprised by the answer, I was…)

* How to get in the top 10 of new shows at iTunes—including how I quickly went from 42nd place to 4th place in iTunes’ “new and noteworthy” category. (And yes, you can do the same just following the simple steps Producer Jonathan lays out for you.)

* And lotza mo’…

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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