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There was a choice to be made…

A new product we’re developing could’ve gone in two different directions.

On one hand, there’s the route we KNOW will sell better…and on the other is the “mystery” route that teaches better.

The choice, for me, was easy. The mystery route.


Today’s NEW episode of the Don’t Be Stupid Show explains.

Plus there’s plenty more, such as…

* The unexpected, often ignored 1-liner almost everyone reads just before filling out your squeeze page (this BIG secret I found out by spying on my traffic…get it right and you can double your optins)

* Does business ruin friendship…or do friends ruin business? Here’s how you avoid both.

* What heatmap software revealed is the most clicked link on your landing page (hint: it’s NOT your buy button)

* Here’s what you can do if you need to “PEE” while you’re on a live conference call. (Don’t try this if you need to do a #2 tho, things could get ugly)

* The true story of how I was robbed of the joy of my first Million — and the REALLY simple email that can help YOU avoid my mistake (If you haven’t made a mil yet, you’ll want to hear this)

* Practical advice to turn a “Gentleman’s Handshake” into a legally binding agreement between you and customers, clients, or partners—without any embarrassment.

* A POWERFUL under-the-radar trick I borrowed from Google & Facebook that helps you pick up lost sales and triple optin conversions right from within your LEGAL pages of all places!

* The “GET OUT OF JAIL CARD” with which you should NEVER begin any work with any client or partner until you’ve put in your pocket first. (Lets you get rid of difficult clients or partners and come out ahead)

* Scandals and dirty dealings behind the scenes of your favourite marketing gooroo businesses.

* A clever way to get more sales by handling sales objections before they’ve been expressed, and exactly where you need to do it if it’s going to work.

* People are generally NOT good but here’s how you can take the high-road without taking any big risks. (This method is more profitable and protects your money)

* If you can’t afford legal fees, is there a benefit to creating your own “DIY” agreements?

* and much, much more.


Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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