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One of my favourite movies I saw recently was “Jobs”.

Not a big fan of Steve Jobs myself, but there was a particularly good quotable when Jobs said to one of his employees,

“Don’t ask how we can do it better. Ask how we can do it DIFFERENT.”

I like that.

When I talk about “me too” type marketing, most people think I’m talking about someone else, other than them.

After all, if you sell products online, you probably think yours are SUPERIOR. Better than the competition. Faster. Easier. Make more money…whatever the deal is.

But what they are NOT… is different.

That’s the problem I keep seeing online. I’ve personally consulted more than 200 traffic clients over the years…and if I were to put my responses into an intelligent recorded answering system, I could probably be retired on a beach somewhere.

The business are the same.

And my advice is inevitably the same.

Out of all those, I’ve seen maybe 5 truly “different” solutions which got me excited.

We’ve just posted a fresh episode of the Don’t Be Stupid Show, in which we explore this very issue. How do you create “intrigue” in your business?

How do you make it different?

The show format has changed. It’s now only 30 minutes…but into those 30 mins we’ve squeezed in a CRAPLOAD of valuable advice and light entertainment.

Here’s more of what you’ll learn in this episode:

* Which headline opening will do better? “Free traffic tips” or “Three Little Known Traffic Tips” – the answer will shock you. It caught Jonathan off guard.

* Why Jonathan shut down his website and killed a brand he was working on for years…just because of an off-handed comment I once made and barely remember.

* Can you make more if you turn OFF your traffic? The shocking discovery Jonathan made.

* My wife can bake a cake in 5 minutes…what her special oven has to do with marketing and how you can use this headline formula to boost your conversions.

* Why the best audience for you to go after is RARELY the most obvious, “targeted” buyer.

* How one of my clients framed a product to steal business from Dan Kennedy!

* How any idiot with half a brain cell can create the perfect product that solves the biggest problems that keep their customer up at night

* The secret Coca Cola technique that intentionally EXCLUDES and alienates customers in advertising…that creates a huge brand following.

* And much more.

All this, is packed into 30 minutes of the fast-paced Episode #2 of the Don’t Be Stupid Show.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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