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People don’t seem to understand the most basic laws of economics.
Add value => make money.
Steve Jobs said, “Don’t ask how can we do this better, ask how can we do it different!”
I was talking to a client, I ask what their point of difference is.… READ MORE

Saw a split-test result thing recently where they tested two landing pages of video background vs slide-show.
The winner was slide-show.
So I took a look at the details, cause I was running a video background sales page was curious.… READ MORE

Too many chiefs not enough Indians.
Everyone wants to be a leader, but no one wants to follow them.
I was at a conference, this guy says go to a seminar, take notes, then publish those notes into a blog post and you can be a leader.… READ MORE

This week’s show is about the Secret Law of Attraction & Positive Thinking.
Did I ever tell you the story of how I got invited to participate in the beta of a new MLM forum which is where I ended up meeting some of my future business partners.… READ MORE

It amazes me…
…how little people understand money. It’s rather simple and you really don’t have to study the stock market or have a degree in finance to get this stuff.
In this episode of the Don’t Be Stupid Show…
We take a ride in Jim’s Time Machine to explain my own wiiiild (but kinda clever) theory about money.… READ MORE

This week’s episode of the Don’t Be Stupid Show—we’re out of New & Noteworthy, so we thought we’d get controversial and talk about…DUM DUM…
Does religion have a place in business?… READ MORE

I’ve met many marketers who think they’re gonna do a bit of “free traffic” until they make some money…
THEN they will start paid advertising.
Problem is they never make any money, and consequently, they also never start any kind of paid traffic.… READ MORE

This week’s episode of the Don’t Be Stupid Show is a bit different.
We take our listeners “backstage”, behind the scenes of the show’s production as we develop a “Time Continuum” call to action for iTunes.… READ MORE

In this week’s episode of the Don’t Be Stupid Show…
We talk about computer manufacturer DELL who started with $1,000 capital in 1984. And by 1992 was one of the largest companies in the world.… READ MORE

In this week’s episode of the Don’t Be Stupid Show…
We explore agile business models…and baby troubles (wtf!?).
Agility is a business’ ability to be “light on its feet” so it can change on demand and take advantage of opportunities for growth.… READ MORE

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