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I’ve met many marketers who think they’re gonna do a bit of “free traffic” until they make some money…

THEN they will start paid advertising.
Problem is they never make any money, and consequently, they also never start any kind of paid traffic. Which perpetuates the problem further, because without more traffic, they make no money.

In this week’s episode of the Don’t Be Stupid show, we explore people’s stupid ideas about “being” and “doing”. And I tell the story of how I went from having no money, to generating 9,000 leads using paid traffic just 2 months later…to becoming the industry’s top paid traffic expert.

You’ll learn how anyone can get paid traffic, even if they’re totally broke.

Plenty more in the 9th episode of the Don’t Be Stupid Show. Listen to it free here…


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Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi is the host of the Don’t Be Stupid Show, mad scientist, internet entrepreneur since he was 9, and inventor of the internet, allegedly.

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