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“There is hardly anything in this world which some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper” – John Ruskin

Wise words, yah?

This is what we’re talking about in today’s brand spanking NEW episode of the Don’t Be Stupid Show. Price and Quality.

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More of what we managed to cram inside 20 minutes…

* The Great Myth of “Leverage” – why it’s not what you’d like to think.

* Jonathan’s secret addiction scandal! How he fell for one of my sneaky “marketing tricks” and ended up buying literally EVERY PRODUCT I have ever sold.

* Which ONE thing does Microsoft get right? It’s allowed them to keep selling the same products to the same people, no matter how awful they are—guess what? YOUR customers WANT you to do it to them too.

* I spew BLASPHEMY against Internet Marketers! Here’s why after a short-stint, most Internet Millionaires end up broke, living in their mummy’s basement and how to NOT fall from grace when you get to the top.

* When developing a new product, should you come up with price first then create…or come up with the product first, then price? The answer may surprise you.

* An often neglected area of your business where MANY valuable sales happen and you’ve probably missed. (example: in one promotion I found we could’ve missed an extra $50,000 in sales—luckily we didn’t!)

* Common PRICING mistakes made by experienced business owners. These mistakes can KILL your reputation very quickly.

* An accidental discovery I made that gets you paid by the same customers, month after month, WITHOUT selling a subscription.

* Which is better, Pepsi or Coke? How a small restaurant owner became a HUGE success when he made the switch.

* A single task I think you should NEVER trust to your assistant (btw, this is also the most common reason people hire an assistant in the first place).

* How to get another 10,000 bucks from a customer who’s already spent 10,000 with you, without even touching your sales page.

* The simple secret to eliminating ALL competition in ANY market and becoming the ONLY choice for your product.

* Plus a lot more

Actually, there’s so many juicy tips in this episode, I couldn’t get to them all.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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