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Looks like one of my team members is slacking big time.

There are hardly any new posts on the website for last week.

But worry not young buck because you can count on our You Tube channel to always be the most up to date.

If you want the latest hotness from The Podcast Factory you can always see what's up on our You Tube channel ThePodcastFactory.com/YouTube

And here's what's hot on the blog:

Last Week at "The Factory"


Doberman Dan | Off The Chain

Vaginas and public school?

This is the weirdest question I’ve ever heard asked of parents enrolling their child in public school.

And it REALLY pissed me off.

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Kevin Rogers | CopyChief Radio

How to be a more productive writer

Today’s show features special guest Ross O’Lachlainn who shares his best tips on productivity and distraction management.

Productivity is a competitive advantage (3:20 mark)

Ross’s unique take on productivity (4:20 mark)

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Josh Schoenly | Client Alchemist

Answers To The Most Commons Questions About Social Media For Real Estate Pros.

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