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Today’s show features special guest Ross O'Lachlainn who shares his best tips on productivity and distraction management.

Productivity is a competitive advantage (3:20 mark)

Ross’s unique take on productivity (4:20 mark)

Notepad and Pen or computer. Which is better for starting productive and producing the best results? (5:50 mark)

How to automate the distractions out of your life (6:30 mark)

Ross’s very own system for productivity and getting the most important tasks done (15:20 mark)

The big challenge dos people face when it comes to getting the important stuff done (16:30 mark)

Theme your days to get more done (20:40 mark)


Being organised in itself is a competitive advantage especially over other copywriters. Writers in general aren't the most organised and productive people in terms of stereotypes. The most successful writers are organised and exceptionally productive according to Ross.

Steven King Quote: ‘The difference between amateurs and professionals is that professionals get down and get it done’

Not only do they get down and get the work done, they know exactly what there doing.

Professionals don just sit down and think ‘I best get some work done’…they have a clear plan.

Being Productive

Ross goes into great detail and explains the two key aspects to productivity. Firstly you've got to know what you’re going to be doing and have a plan. Secondly is how well you manage your distractions. Having just these two basic principles in place will make you ten times more productive than someone who doesn't.


Ross and Kevin discuss their most effective strategies to automate distractions out of your life.

Theres two sides to this story as both of them have completely different approaches on how they successfully manage distractions. A great analogy of how Facebook and other social media platforms are compared to slot machine addictions or a drug junkie looking for the next ‘hit’.

The Big Challenge

In the final part of the podcast, Ross shares his own productivity system and how you can get the most important tasks done rather than focusing on just ‘stuff’ that honest yield any results. ‘The main thing is keeping the main thing the main thing’.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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