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The best part about owning a jewelry business?

You get the choose which 18 hours you work each day!

But seriously, did you think having your own business would eat up all your time?

Truth is, it doesn’t have to.

Getting things done (I know there’s a lot) is possible without working 80 hour weeks!

Today, I have my friend Nathan Hirsch on the show with me. He is an expert in remote hiring and e-commerce.

He has sold well over 20 million dollars worth of product through his e-commerce business over the past 7 years.

He’s now the co-founder and CEO of freeeup.com, the hands on hiring marketplace connecting hundreds of online business owners through reliable, pre-vetted remote workers.freeup.com

Sounds pretty great, right?

Let’s get to it!

Tracy Matthews

My passion for design started as a child. I dreamed of creating wedding gowns and growing up, was always an artist in some respect. When I took my first jewelry fabrication class as a college elective, the seed was planted. My instructor became my mentor.

The rest is history. I started my first jewelry business as a hobby, designing for bridal parties, friends and families.

In my twenties, I quit my day job to follow my dream full time. That big leap resulted in my first legitimate brand, Tracy Matthews Designs, Inc.

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