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I was reading a book by National Geographic called "Tales of the Weird – Unbelievable True Stories"

They've got all sorts of fun stuff in there but the one story that jumped out at me was about the tuberous bush cricket which has the biggest testicles of all creatures (relative to body weight.)

The story goes on to say that even though this bush cricket has big balls he doesn't pack a big punch.

And it reminds me of all those so called "podcast ex-spurts" out there who talk a big game, brag about their dollars and downloads, post up on social media all day about how awesome they are, and then have one puny outdated product they keep wanting to sell you.

Worse: They only show up in your inbox when they need cash telling you why you should buy their played out product.

Who's got time for their puny output?

 It's no wonder more and more people are calling me the King of Podcasting. 

Because I show up in your inbox every day with something new.

And I keep things fresh by delivering the most up to date info on how you can make podcasting your bee-yotch inside my monthly paper and ink newsletter.

Inside the next issue I'm showing you how to get more email opt-ins without doing any more work or learning any new software or doing anything new at all.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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