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There is nothing more frustrating than feeling like you have nothing good to say (or write)!

Let’s get real darlings…we’ve all been there before.

Tell me-

How many hours have you spent staring at a blank google doc on your computer trying to think of something clever to say? –

How many times have you crumpled up a pile of paper drafts that overflowed your waste basket?

How many basic product descriptions have your written that don’t really highlight the brilliance of your jewelry?

Yea, I can totally relate.

At one point, most of my email subject lines started with a hard sell (no wonder the open rates sucked)…

And my product descriptions ALL included the word “amazing” about 6 times…

Oh yea, and my social media posts were so boring, I can’t even believe anyone liked them (must have been the jewelry)!

So if you feel stuck, don’t worry because I am living proof that writing great subject lines and copy for your jewelry business can be learned.

So if you feel stuck, listen up, because you are in for a treat today.

On today’s episode I am super excited to be focusing in on one particular area of copy that often gets the shaft when we feel stuck in our writing.

Subject lines aka headlines.

I’ve mentioned before that first impressions are everything in copywriting.

The quickest way to get your blog post or email ignored is title it with something boring!

(I’m sorry but I would be surprised if Newsletter #22 gets anyone opening).

My guest today is Laura Belgray, an award winning copywriter for some of the biggest brands in business today.

I attended a copy writing retreat in Italy this past spring that Laura taught and no joke, it sparked so many ideas about writing more cleverly and having fun to boot!

I can’t wait for you to listen to her genius (and have fun-she’s hilarious).

So let’s just jump in!

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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