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In today’s episode Kyle dives deep into why most people never achieve true greatness because they’re trying to be someone they aren't. He goes back to his bodybuilding roots and uncovers some of the common myths that hold people back.

Jump straight to the key points of today’s show here:

  • John F. Kennedy’s key quote to staying on track (2:00 mark)
  • Do THIS to stand out from all the rest (2:20 mark)
  • What makes Kyle stand apart from the rest (4:00 mark)
  • Becoming the expert that your people NEED (4:20 mark)
  • Kyle’s BIG goal he has with every one of his loyal clients (4:50 mark)
  • A BIG communication skill Kyle learned whilst in his teaching career (5:00 mark)
  • Three fitness myths blown right out the water (6:20 mark)
  • Kyle talks nutrition and why breakfast isn't the most important meal (8:00 mark)
  • Its not what you eat, its who you are when you eat it (10:30 mark)
  • One key principle you can use to achieve more in your life (14:00 mark)

People are trying to be someone they aren’t

If you truly want to achieve greatness and follow your passion, do the opposite to what everyone else is doing. Most people are like sheep. They follow the person in front so closely, but before they know it….its too late and they've fallen off the cliff.

Its not what you eat but who you are when you eat it

Kyle goes deep into all things nutrition, training and lifestyle related. He shows you how they are all closely connected. The training programme Kyle has used throughout his career is talked about and why you should be focusing on bigger movements that get more than just one muscle moving at once.

The Law Of Vital Few

Also known as the Pareto Principle or as Kyle refers to it ’80/20’. For most things in life, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. Find out how you can use this tool in your own life and accomplish more than you'd ever thought you could.


Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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