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Most people think you need experience to become a successful real estate investor. But that’s not always the case.

In fact, sometimes too much experience can hurt your real estate business.

In this episode, Sandy Gump, a real estate amateur who has been crushing it in her first few weeks in real estate joins me. She reveals why having no experience can be your secret weapon.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • Why positive cashflow doesn’t outweigh “rental headaches” for landlords (and how to use this to your advantage) (3:05)
  • How the pandemic has overburdened many smalltown landlords (and how you can make a killing helping them) (3:35)
  • How to get a property for 55% cheaper than the market listing (3:55)
  • The weird reason why some sellers don’t want to make a profit (and the trick to get dirt-cheap properties) (7:11)
  • How to close 3 contracts within your first 5 weeks of investing without prior experience (12:13)
  • Why being too aggressive usually backfires and ruins deals (12:43)

If you’re in the Wisconsin area and would like to get in touch with Sandy, feel free to give her a call at (414) 250-8822 or simply Google Sandy Gump.

Wish you had sellers coming to you instead of having to chase them down? We put together a free training for you over at http://socialmediablueprint.com/podcast to help you do this. Or if you want to schedule a marketing strategy session with me and my team, book your free session at http://socialmediablueprintpodcast.com/.

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The big challenge is this: How are investors like us who are not backed by a billion hedge fund who are investing money from our own pockets? How do we buy, sell, and invest in the properties we believe in, yet still make a profit without risking all of our own money? That is the challenge. In this podcast, we'll give you the answers. My name is Nate Armstrong and welcome to the social media blueprint.

(00:33): Hello, Friends. Welcome. Hey, so we've got a special guest today. This is Sandy from Sandy buys houses coming on soon. And the thing was Sandy is that she's got a tremendous background in like helping people raise capital for big buildings. And the reason that's not why she's coming on though. But the reason that she's coming on is because she recently started helping sellers directly, like literally helping the individuals out there that want to sell properties. She's extremely ethical. She does the right thing, all that stuff, but a couple of things that I want you to take note of on this number one for sellers that are considering selling Sandy is astonishing. You're going to see that in a moment. Number two, Sandy came in using some of her past work experience, this drive, this work ethic, this push push push to try to serve people and try to help people.

(01:19): But what she realized is that, well, I'm going to let you listen to this. Why don't you go ahead and tune in right now? And you can learn from this. I don't care if you're brand new or if your experience, Sandy has so much wisdom to share here, let's jump into it. All right, ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the podcast today. I get to be with a special guest. This is Sandy and Sandy has recently just started cranking. She's actually really new into this whole social media blueprint thing, and she's been cranking out there. But the reason that I want to highlight Sandy is because she's someone that comes into the business world with really good ethics. She does the right thing. She doesn't take advantage of anyone. She doesn't try to hurt anyone. She tries to do the right thing and what she's doing. And she's recently had the chance now to work with, I believe you got three sellers that you're helping right now, maybe more, but I want to hear some stories, Sandy, can you tell us, like, what are you doing? What's the last deal that you put under contract what's going on with the seller and how did it all come to be?

(02:15): So the latest deal that we recently seal the deal client is quite interesting, has a very interesting story. So he actually being, trying to sell his home is a little bit supper city, but he's been trying, selling his home for quite a bit. Some time. Initially he bought the place that he wants to live in there, but unfortunately the ex girlfriend got broke up with him. So he ended up didn't live in there. He moved to another location where it's about 30 minutes drive away from there. And he tried to rent out the place, which he never really want to intend it to be a landlord. He doesn't want to deal with maintaining the properties and whatnot, but you know, at that point he couldn't sell a good price. He's like, why not just put a tenant ink? And through that process, it wasn't easy.

(03:05): So being a landlord, wasn't easiest. What he told me. He said like, sometimes you have the traceable payments and maybe tennis has, you know, issues here and there. And he still needs to go and look after the property, even though it's positive cashflow. So since last year he was kind of getting ready, try to clean up the places, you know take out all the carpets and tried to just have the solid floor. He was almost very close, ready to get through a realtor. And this whole granola virus kind of happened in a small towns or they relied a lot on the showing to get the buyers. And from that process, it's just being idle for so long to the point. And he initially it's being asking price 450,000.

(03:55): Okay.

(03:57): I would say probably about a year or so until he is to this point. It's like, I'm paying taxes, it's vacant. I had to kick out the tendons. Cause now they stopped paying. And then there's a whole bunch of issues going on. So he's like bleeding with the money. So when I told him, Hey, you, we can do the solid financing and it's give you a turn. I'll try to give you more. And they want to make sure they give you market fair market value. After we did the comparison, he said, no, just give me cash. Let me out. And I was like, okay, well, if a cash is going to be this amount, are you okay with that? I kind of, I didn't walk that much details with him because at the point he was just too tired with this property. So I give them an offer. I was actually thinking that he may be negotiate, try to get a little bit more, maybe like 85,000 or something. Right. A little bit more. Most of time they do like that. But no, the seller was like no 83,000. Sure. Get it done. Literally the next day he signed and he's like, just help me. Yeah.

(04:56): And that was his words. Help me out here. Yeah. Yeah. I get it. I mean, he sounds like he had a really rough road owning that property. He didn't have a property manager installed. He wasn't doing things kind of the official way. So he had a rough experience. It sounds like you were his savior. You came in and saved the day for him. Okay.

(05:15): And is it, I tell him we can going to get, we can get this one really fast. As soon as you're able to send me the pictures. And even for him to go to the property site, it takes him like 30 to 40 minutes drive over there. And he has a very, very busy schedule cause he's a restaurant manager. So he's always on call as well too. So he just simply doesn't even have time to touch this property at all.

(05:38): Wow. So tell me about your second seller. What's going on with them? The other ones. Yeah.

(05:43): So my second seller is in a very interesting, unique situation to she's also in a small town as well. I believe she bought the property, the actual property that was been so back in maybe 2010 ish or even earlier for 68,000. Okay. And we're her situation is a unique is she could sell it to better price or even go through a realtor. But a problem for her is the schedule. She is currently looking to relocate into Florida and waiting for a job offer. So because I'll certainty in the closing time, she should probably just, can't go through a realtor. She says not possible, cause they can't go back and forth. And if the property doesn't get sold there, she has to come back. There's no way she can fly back and forth like this. So she's asking us if we are able to give her an offer that can cover the mortgage palace, but the condition is if she can choose for closing time when she gets the job offer. So I told her, yeah, we can cover your mortgage, which is 60,000. So we do 60,000 cash.

(06:49): What were you thinking when she said that to you? Like describe the emotions that went through you and how you felt.

(06:55): Yeah. So I asked a little bit more details, ISL. Like, what is your intention selling this home? Like, wouldn't it be better that you can keep this on, maybe rent it out or hire a property manager or whatnot. She said, no, she wants to just get off that one, covered the mortgage. So you have a new life in Florida. So she actually even told me over the phone, she's not looking to make profit from this piece of real estate. It's a fairly old house. I think it's a great price to sell it to a flipper actually. Cause I looked the surrounding homes. They all very nice except for hers, very small. So I think she also get fed up with that place as well too, that needs some quite a bit of repairs. And that's why when we budget, we budget, Hey, you know, maybe it needs 10,000, right. If it's going to be more than we may need to look, go back and negotiate numbers and whatnot. So she just like, yeah, no problem. So you're able to give me the flexible time on closing date. She's hands down. So, and that's how we move forward.

(07:51): And so Sandy, you're doing this business. I know because you told me, but you're doing this business from Canada, right? That's right. And where are you making your offers?

(08:00): Yeah, so I started my real estate business in Canada. Do you mean my background per se or

(08:06): No. D just right now, like it's ironic your zoom background is on top of the world, but you're actually doing this business. You could be doing it from anywhere. You could be in Hawaii wherever you want. Like tell our listeners where you are and how you're helping people on the ground and where you're helping them.

(08:20): Yeah. So I'm currently living in Vancouver, Canada. So that's an elite. If even if you're Canadian or from a different country, you still able to talk to people from the States. I don't think there's any limit per se. Not even to mention American dolls are stronger than Canadians, Canadian dollar. So it's more recent, you know, makes more sense to do business in the States. So this is great opportunity for us, for me and my partner.

(08:47): So as a Canadian, you're buying in what state?

(08:50): So I'm buying Wisconsin. So you focus a bit more away from Milwaukee right now at the moment. And there's a lot of great deals out there right now.

(09:01): That's awesome. I've never gone on the side of Milwaukee. I mean, I've gone to other States, but in the state of Wisconsin, I've only done Milwaukee. So I'm happy to hear that you guys are tapped into an unhidden or hidden market in Sandy. Before you got into this before you got into social media blueprint, had you tried other real estate endeavors before?

(09:20): Yeah. So my background regarding for real estate, particularly in Canada is I do a lot of raising capital for real estate trusts investment companies, as well as projects, buying whole commercials, selling those ones and flipping those ones. So that's where my background comes. Now. What caught my attention is to, I always wanted to do real estate business in USA. Cause there's just so there's a lot of population, way more than Canada. Canada has about 30 millions across a whole entire Canada, but USA has 300 million over 300 million. So I see a lot more opportunities, but it's always back of my head about that kind of a business on kill the COVID happens. So I'll say, Oh yeah. Oh yes. It's a 2008. Repeat let me in now. So that's why I talked to my business partner payment. I actually knock on his door. I say, Hey payment. Yeah, I did. I said, I want to do real estate USA. I heard your, you know, Nate Armstrong, but how did it go? Right. I actually knocked him door. He was sharing his journeying with you. And I was like, okay. Right. So that's how I jumped on board.

(10:37): Did you look at other programs or did you just look at social media blueprint?

(10:40): I only look up the social media blueprints. I have seen other programs, but one thing that makes me move is because somebody who worked with you internally knows the program a lot better. Right. So I write a trust that then trying to do my due diligence, talking to some sort of sales rep who knows right. Attorneys selling me something. Yeah.

(11:02): Yup. Yeah, no, that's awesome. That's awesome. Yeah.

(11:04): And really payment. Somebody who, you know, work with you, he is putting down money. That means a lot to me. Right? Cause they can clean. He knows a lot of stuff. He doesn't need to pay for really let me put this way. Right. But he believed the program so much that he know he's like I'm putting four, $4,000 to join partner together. And that's half actually a registered company together and make this whole,

(11:26): Yeah, that says a lot does definitely says a lot.

(11:29): He say it's nothing to do with the content videos. It's really the coaching, the experience, the hands on stuff. It's nothing about, you know, you can never become a doctor. I always tell people, you can never become a doctor. Just read off some biology books. That's why there's a practicum. Right? You, you shuttle from the follow doctors or senior doctors to do your surgeries. Right? Because they're able to tell you all the tips when they're, that you can never learn, follow on to videos or books.

(11:57): So true. Wow. I'm going to borrow that analogy. Caravan borrow that. So Sandy, what would you tell someone? I don't want to burn too much of your time, but I want to get this one nugget from you. What would you tell someone that's a newer real estate investor. That's looking for some wisdom. What would you tell them? You have been a fast learner. You're five weeks in this program. Three signed contracts. Like you're a rockstar. What would you tell someone that's new thinking about getting into real estate? What wisdom would you share?

(12:25): Yeah, the Western, I was sure it's the key word is patience. Now I can tell you I'm very much of a Go-go type of person. So like I learned very fast. Yes. But I'm also very like on the go. Like I can work 10 hours, 16 hours a day. Right. So I just want to push, push, push, but a lot of time is dealing with people in different situations. You can just push like that. Right. They may need to come back to you a few days later or maybe there's some stuff going on in their life that they can get back to you. Right. So that's what I learned from the process is I was too aggressive a little bit for the first two weeks. And almost like not seeing the result. I was like, am I doing something wrong? I was starting to questioning myself, but really it just takes time. At the end of the day, it takes time for these to be nurture and starting to trust you. And then which leads to closing cells.

(13:20): Yeah. So good. So good Sandy. Thank you. I appreciate this. What we're going to do is I'm going to cut it off here, but if somebody wants to reach out with you, if some seller wants to work with you, especially in the state of Wisconsin, how do they get ahold of you?

(13:34): Give me a call at (414) 250-8822 or simply Google my name or Facebook search. Sandy buys properties or buys houses. I should be able to see me. In fact, I met you very easy to Google. I have a insurance investment business in Canada. My face always pops up. So my name is Sandy Gump. It should be very easy to search.

(13:57): Awesome. Awesome, Sandy. Thank you. Appreciate it. Wasn't that awesome. Sandy is a rock star. I mean, literally she's on pace to set some records inside of our program, but that's not why we had her on. We had around because she's an ethical person and she's doing business the right way. You know, here that we only highlight the people that are doing this business the right way. And Sandy is one of those people. And I'll tell you what I learned a lot from Sandy today, Sandy teaching that we don't want to push everyone that we need to wait and give people time sometimes is the best approach to getting deals. She went from getting no deals in the first couple of weeks, two and now four weeks in five weeks in, she's got three deals under contract. She's helped them three sellers in five weeks. That's tremendous, but it didn't come right away.

(14:41): She had to give people some space, give them some time, let them research, let them do their thing. And then she was able to come back and help them. And I just think it's incredible lesson for us to watch that. Anyhow, what you should do now is I would love if you would give our podcast a review. I would so appreciate that. It's really fast. When you finish listening to me here, just go ahead and do a review. I read every single one of them that comes through it helps us maintain our rankings, our ratings and rankings onsite, these platforms. So I would so appreciate if you could give it a review. I look forward to connecting with you again soon. God bless. Thanks.

(15:15): Hate cold calling can't stand direct mail. Wish there was a way to have sellers coming to you instead of having to chase them down. Now there is it's called the social media blueprint and you can get it absolutely free when you go to www.social media, blueprint.com/podcast.

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