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There are many similarities between the highest paid NFL athletes and the highest paid real estate investors.
And it starts with making one decision:
Being the best.
It’s easier said than done, but all the top-earning athletes and investors have this in common.… READ MORE

When your real estate investing business is stuck using old school tactics it will die like Moses did in the dessert.
Tactics like high-pressured sales calls simply don’t work anymore.
If you want to become a more successful real estate investor, it’s going to require you to think differently about how you do your deals.… READ MORE

Most people think you need experience to become a successful real estate investor. But that’s not always the case.
In fact, sometimes too much experience can hurt your real estate business.
In this episode, Sandy Gump, a real estate amateur who has been crushing it in her first few weeks in real estate joins me.… READ MORE

Many real estate investors miss out on easy deals because they don’t know how to properly estimate rehabs.
Overestimating the rehab will cost you the deal. While underestimating the rehab will send you into bankruptcy.… READ MORE

Auctions can be a powerful way to find new buyers for your wholesale property. But you have to be careful because you won’t win a bidding war against them.
In this episode, Kris Haskins, a multi-millionaire real estate investor who built his empire after losing everything, is back to share more of his real estate and auction tricks with you.… READ MORE

Auctions can be a fruitful money-printing machine in your real estate investing business. But they can create more headaches than moolah — especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.
Most investors don’t do their due diligence — both before the auction and after they purchase the property — and that can cripple your profits (or even result in a loss).… READ MORE

Auctions typically get a bad rap by investors. Mostly because they think they’ll get scammed on a property and never make a return from it.
But there are many ways you can monetize auctions. And if you do your due diligence, you won’t get duped into paying for a dud.… READ MORE

Most people assume that wholesaling and real estate investing is shady. They think you’re just in it to make a quick buck and don’t care about them.
And for good reason. As with any other business, there are both good people and bad people working in real estate.… READ MORE

Too many real estate investors aren’t financially literate. But knowing a few financial tricks could easily 10x your real estate business and help you retire sooner.
In this episode, Kris Haskins joins me to reveal the financial tricks he’s using to save money on his taxes, fund his real estate business, and retire sooner.… READ MORE

The cold, hard truth about why you struggle to close deals is because you get in your own way more often than you’d like to admit.
There are a lot of potential mistakes you could be making. But the good news is that these are usually easy to fix, especially once you’re aware you’re making them.… READ MORE

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