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You already know collaboration is needed for your organization to get important things done.

But the power of collaboration goes deeper!

John Maxwell’s career has spanned many roles and taken him across the globe. In this episode he’s here to talk with Matt about what he has learned about collaboration, why it’s so important, and how to nurture it in your sales team to build trust and drive better performance.

Get ready for a new appreciation of how vital collaboration is to your team’s success.

Listen now!

Highlights include:

  • You can’t measure everything. The intangible qualities to look for to know if your team is truly cohesive, collaborative, and productive. (3:36)
  • Why it’s up to the sales leader to create the collaborative environment needed for sales team synergy. Waiting for somebody else to do it could be fatal to your career and your team. (7:55)
  • The “output bias” that makes businesses fixate on the wrong thing. And how to keep your team focused on what actually produces results. (5:32)
  • Why successful sales teams are high energy. And the “competitive advantage” you can use to foster it in your team. (11:26)
  • “Star Treatment”: How to talk to a selfish superstar so they can continue to excel in their personal performance without creating a toxic environment for everybody else. (15:55)
  • The ultimate sales team secret – form a bond among teammates that makes leaving for another organization unfathomable. (20:31)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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