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In this episode, host Matt McDarby and sales leader Loree Lash-Valencia share valuable strategies for driving sales team success. From the power of curiosity and resilience to the art of understanding individual motivations, they share practical insights to elevate your sales leadership game.… READ MORE

In this episode, Matt welcomes Jeff Macomber, the Global Sales Enablement Leader at Lumivero. Together, they challenge some of the conventional wisdom on selling and leadership.
Jeff introduces a smart approach to on-boarding that begins with a detailed understanding of buyer perspectives.… READ MORE

In this week’s episode, Matt welcomes Richard Smith, a successful sales leader and conversation intelligence software company co-founder who has devoted most of his professional life to sales coaching.… READ MORE

In this episode, Matt welcomes Jason Rozenblat, a seasoned sales leader with a knack for systematizing the core processes that underpin successful sales teams.
The discussion centers on building trust, the significance of impacting others through mentorship, and the benefits of a data-driven hiring process.… READ MORE

Today Matt is joined by Chris DePatria, SVP of Revenue at Setpoint, who shares insights on the impact of strong frontline managers and networking in sales success. They cover the fine points of hiring, coaching, and when necessary, parting ways with employees.… READ MORE

Welcome to The Divine Comedy of Sales, where in today’s episode, host Matt McDarby and our esteemed guest Matt Goff engage in a thought-provoking discussion on craft and the science of assembling a powerhouse sales team.… READ MORE

Settle in and listen to our latest episode of The Divine Comedy of Sales. Today, host Matt McDarby talks with Chris Turnley about what drives sales teams to succeed.
Listen in as Chris shares his pragmatic approach to aligning sales strategies across functions, and learn how to balance boldness and humility in your leadership style.… READ MORE

In today’s episode, we’re joined by Laci Buzzelli, who brings a wealth of experience from her impressive 19-year career in sales and leadership.
Today, Laci shares the importance of clear directives and the impact of supportive leadership on both personal and team success.… READ MORE

Get ready to revolutionize your sales leadership playbook with one of today’s best leaders in healthcare tech sales, Shaun Priest. Matt and Shaun discuss the core principles of sales leadership success, from the need for simplicity and clarity to the challenge of understanding and meeting boardroom expectations.… READ MORE

In this episode, Matt takes a deeper look at systems thinking and its impact on the performance of sales leaders and their organizations. Using the legendary college football coach Nick Saban as inspiration, Matt explores the significance of developing and refining a system over time.… READ MORE

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