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You’ve heard Infinite Banking advocates talk about how powerful and flexible IBC with a whole life insurance policy is.

But you might be wondering: Isn’t that just hype? Is whole life insurance really that great?

So in this episode I’m sharing a boatload of ways whole life can set you up for smooth financial sailing. From buying a car, funding college, saving for retirement, or anything else you can imagine.

Listen now!

Show highlights include:

  • The “apples-to-oranges” mistake when comparing whole life to investments that makes you overlook the benefits of whole life insurance. (0:53)
  • Nearly a dozen ways to leverage whole life insurance so you can achieve your financial objectives without credit cards, mortgages, or high-interest loans. (3:39)
  • The surprising way IBC lets you save your money and use your money all at the same time. (2:35)
  • Revealed: 3,200 banks are quietly pumping billions of dollars into life insurance… Here’s the lucrative secret they know, but aren’t telling you. (2:13)
  • A misleading half-truth financial “gurus” lean on to scare you away from whole life insurance. (9:25)

Reach out to me: valerie@alphaomegawealth.com


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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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