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Your thoughts control everything:

They can either unlock mountains of wealth, create unlimited freedom, and make you the happiest person alive. Or they can keep you trapped in a mediocre life where your bills drown you and misery encompasses you.

The cold, hard truth is that most people let their thoughts steal their wealth, their joy, and their freedom. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, “thought auditing” helps you transform your soul-crushing thoughts into motivation to succeed at levels you didn’t even know existed.

In this episode, you’ll discover how to change your thoughts to unlock unprecedented amounts of wealth.

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • How entrepreneurs can leverage their constant anxiety and transform into into cold, hard cash (2:04)
  • Why this book with a stupid title will unlock more wealth and freedom in your life than anything else you can do (7:34)
  • The insidious “Small Town Mentality” which slowly poisons you and imprisons you in a mediocre life (16:10)
  • How to succeed at levels you don’t even know exist by simply auditing your thoughts (27:25)
  • The counterintuitive way to build a legacy of wealth by helping people for free (28:25)

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Welcome to the making of a DM. Is being never satisfied good or bad for you, huh? We're about to find out on this show. So what that said, let's get started

(00:14): A everything I'm to help teach him what I know and how I want to discover freedom. There. Ain't no question. More Gavins. When he step the he's closing deal. I'm tell what the stands. I'm a deal, a deal, but I'm not just a deal. A dream There's boy, mark Evans, DM. Welcome to another show of making of a DM. That's right. You or the DM of your life, the deal maker. Most importantly, the dream maker. I wanna share a show today. I've been kind of pondering what I wanted to talk about. Not procrastinating pondering, cuz I wanna make sure when I show up, I share real shit with you and um, cuz I'm here to help you. There's a lot of people that are coming new to follow and listen to the show. So I wanna say thank you so much. As I'm talking today, coming to you live from Kirtland Hills, Ohio in the Treehouse office, getting excited. I got, uh, some painting going on on the doors here and excited to share with you guys the pictures when it gets done. So if you're brand new to the show, welcome. If you've been here, make sure to, uh, get over there and leave a five star review over on the platform.

(01:36): You listen to let me know what you did via social media at Mark Evans, DM on Instagram or Facebook or any, any of those. There's so much going on in the world and it's wild to me because I don't know if you suffer with this, but I wanna talk real talk with you. This might bounce around a little bit today. So bear with me, but I want you to know like I, I'm never satisfied ever and it's not like I'm mad. It's just, I'm very anxious to accomplish and help people in my life. See, as I'm sitting here talking to you today, like if I, if I, I don't really share all my wins and all that shit, cuz if I did, you know, shit, people would be like, oh dude, all you do is brag and all this stuff and it's not bragging. It's like, have you ever asked yourself as you guys know, I wrote a book called magician verse mule and I talk about a very, very important thing. It's called thought auditing. I truly believe this is one of the biggest things I've done my entire life. And once I really realized the power of it, it changed my life thought auditing. When you hear something like this, like dude, I just bought a $350,000 truck sight unseen, never driven one before. I don't even know the fucking guy's first name I sent the money to. But yet I'm excited about it. Do you think, huh? Well good for you Mr. Fancy pants, $350,000 pride piece of shit probably got ripped off, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Or do you like damn that's awesome.

(03:18): Whatever happened or anything in between, those are your thoughts and these thoughts have been implanted in you and you either believe them or you don't and if you're talking shit, how do you expect great shit to happen for you? And if you're excited, you probably have a lot of cool things happening in your life because your thoughts start everything. I know people in my life, it could be raining, raining a hundred dollars bills and they fucking complained because they said, oh my God, I'm just trying to walk to the car. And then there's other people it's like, holy shit. This is amazing. Let it rain more. It's money coming out of the sky. And then the person's complaining about it. Raining money also is the same person complains about, it's not about the money. I don't have any of it. Blah, blah, blah, blah. And all that. Right when I was a child, I always wanted more out of my life. I don't , I'm so thankful. I don't know where this came from, but I'm grateful for it drastically. I always knew I had me. I had to become a better person to get what I wanted. If I wanted to settle for what I already knew existed, I'd just keep doing the same shit and just deal with it. Cuz that's what a lot of people around my life did, they just deal with it. What's funny is I always used to hear people say this mark, I don't care about money like you do. And I'm like, it used to bother me and I'm like, huh? Keep mind. I'm a child at this point. I'm like 16, 17. I like, I wanna make a lot of fucking money back then. I was like a hundred grand a year, by the way.

(05:09): And I'm like, wait a minute. Have you ever asked the question? Think about this. What do you wake up and do every day? The person that's saying this information to me by the way was not where I wanted to be. So I don't listen to that anyways. Right? Never take advice from someone that's not where you want to be at. If a 400 pound person saying, this is how you lose weight. If someone's saying this is how you get rich, it has no money in the bank. That's asking you to borrow money. Why the fuck would I listen to you? Period? I don't need to go any further right on that. So be careful of who you take advice from. You're not gonna take advice from me on how to become a yoga instructor. I can barely move already. but lots of people come to me to learn how to make money, how to be a better business builder, how to create a better lifestyle inside the business and all that. I know how to do that. I've been doing this shift for 26 years and beyond my whole adult life. I'm 44 now. Right? But back to this whole thing, it's not about the money, but everything they do is about going to work to get money. Huh? So think about this mind. Fuck. It's not about the money Nancy, but every day you fucking complain. You get up early, you go to work at a job. You hate to make money and then you come home and talk shit about it and repeat process.

(06:48): Well, if it's not about the money, why are you doing it? Huh? Have you ever thought about that? I always knew early on. Like I said, I had to change my thoughts. I had to change my perspective. I, my reality, I, I, I, me, if I don't change me, what I'm seeking will never show up because I don't even know it exists. Do you ever have that burning desire knowing that there's more in life? You know, your business is beaten you up and you don't know how to fix it. But when I was 17 years old, I was at the library and I got this book think and grow rich sounds like a stupid title, but it's a fucking amazing book that you should read once a year for the rest of your life. So using that example, Nancy, that gets up and hates our fucking job every day comes repeat cycle for the next 40 years, cuz I'm going to retire. Happy. Ask them one simple question. What do you do daily to improve you? Either through reading, mentoring, audio books, podcast shows, et cetera. What are you doing? Daily? How many hours a day are you working on you? The majority of you are not working on yourself at all on a consistent basis. And the people that you're TA you're taking advice from or have taken advice from don't even know what fucking self growth is. They don't even think who mindset. That's some hokey pokey shit. If it worked, everyone would do it. right, whatever stupid ass stuff they say, but your thoughts, where do they come from?

(08:54): Mom, dad, buddies, mentors, teachers, football, coach, baseball, coach, basketball, coach, whatever sports coach, people that you respected, right? They would say shit in passing or they'd ingrained this in your life because it's where you, how you grew up. And you can't say mark, that's easy for you to say you were born with the silver spoon, your mouth motherfucker. I was born in a small town, Ohio. My parents lived in a one bedroom apartment with three kids above my grandparents' house. Then we moved to the trailer court until I was 10. Then we moved into a house that my parents still live in that burnt down to the, that literally almost burnt down to the ground. We had to live in a camper in the backyard. Thank God for my aunt. She let us stay in her household for a while as well. But I had to change me to get what I wanted. I can't blame my mom and dad. They did the best they could with the stuff they had at the time. I can't blame my football coach. He was just sharing what he thought was right. You know like don't put your hands on your knees. That's not, you gotta open up so you can breathe. Bullshit. That's a lie by the way. Where do your thoughts come from? What bullshit's been put in your brain that you actually still say and believe actually you might not even believe it. You just fucking say it cuz you're not working on your self. One thing I have about myself is full awareness. I know when I'm being a Dick most of the time and if not, I'm cool. When someone says, yo, you're being a Dick noted. Especially if it's coming from my wife, especially if it's coming from someone I respect.

(10:34): If you tell me I'm being a Dick and you're nobody doing nothing, I don't fucking hear you no matter what anyways, if you tell me, by the way, that's the opposite. If you tell me I'm doing a great job and you're not doing anything, I don't know what that means because a great job to you is not a great job to me. Maybe that's what I'm talking about. Never being satisfied. I get off stage. I speak to, you know, 1200 people. I get off stage and I'm like, fuck, could help more. People could have been tighter on the words. It's not like I get off stage and like ha, there we go. I'm the best. I'm the greatest. I hit some good points I need to get. 'em better. I need to improve. I go straight to the green room. I grab out a piece of paper or use my cell phone notes and I take notes on how to improve me too. Many of your fuckers out here celebrating small time shit all the time. If it sounds like I'm yelling at you it's I, I, I, I'm not yelling at you. I'm yelling at me. I used to be, cuz I used to do the same stupid shit. I remember there was a time in my life when I almost went bankrupt. I lost track of growing me. My bank account was growing a little bit, but I was blowing it faster than it was growing. Cuz I thought I was missing out. I thought I had to go to the clubs.

(11:59): I thought I had to go get drunk, go to the strip clubs and do all the stupid shit to be cool, man. It was fucking dumb, wasted. Countless hours, drinking, hung over, hang out with dip shit at all levels. I was a dip shit. Cause I knew better. One day I woke up true story. 10th avenue. I woke up first time. My mom and dad raised me better than that. Right? As a man. But I looked out the window, hung over as hell. God knows what happened the night prior, I'm looking out the window and I see these guys in their wheelchairs or paraplegics. There was a facility across the street from where I lived, where there paraplegics, they could drive. You know, they head to all the machines. I literally woke up and said, enough's enough. Evans are better than this. I grabbed my books back then we didn't have the internet like you do. Now back then we didn't have social media where I could listen to like get inspired and get motivated and learn shit for free. I didn't learn. I didn't have podcast shows didn't exist like this. This is way a long time ago, late nineties, early two thousands. And I said, I gotta get better. I stopped going to the bars. I stopped hanging out with those guys. I just cut it all off immediately. Soon as I realized enough is enough, I cut it off. Cool Turkey. It was hard. Cause I was having fun. I was doing stupid shit. I thought I was being cool again. I was, I was fighting cuz I knew I was better than that. See my personality type is all in. I'm all in. If I'm doing something good, I'm all in. If I'm doing something bad, I'm all in drinking. I E I wanna go big or go home.

(13:48): But your thoughts control everything. I thought I was missing out. Therefore I was overindulging. I remember laying in bed one night, like at 10 o'clock cuz back then you don't go out until 11 or 12. Right? Cuz that's what cool people do. I was laying in bed. I'm like, I'm not going out. I literally locked my door. I'm like, dude, leave me alone. Everyone's a pound Evans. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. It's time. They need me to go by the way, cuz I'm fucking paying for everybody. Like dude, I'm done. What I had to do is I had to remove myself from the environment that was causing the wrong thought process and the outcome. It's not their fault. It's my fault. I was weak. You don't sit my fat ass in front of a pizza buffet and say, Hey Evans, don't touch the pizza. right. Just don't go to the buffet. And then it becomes nothing. It's not a big deal. But if you're hanging out in the buffet and you're having a problem eating, it's going to be a big deal. Get out of environments. One of the greatest gifts I gave to was leaving my small town. I love my parents. I love my sisters. I love my nieces, but I do not like the small town mentality for me. It was holding me back. It was like throwing a shark in the smallest fish bowl for a goldfish that you could find the shark will only grow to the size of the tank or the fish in general. Right? I wanted to get in a bigger pond. See, I didn't wanna be the big fish in a small pond. I wanted to be the small fish in a big pond.

(15:23): What success is to me today looks it's drastically different than what I thought it would be. Truthfully. I thought you just woke up and did whatever the fuck you want whenever you want and hang out and laugh. And EV life is, life is Merry. You have no problems. It's easy. There's never an issue. As I'm talking to you, I have a company losing about $3 million a year. I have companies making tens of millions of dollars a year. I have people at a house messing stuff up. I have other stuff going down the hill. I have people quitting. We are hiring new people. I'm buying stuff. They're buying stuff. Our systems are broke. I mean, there's a million things going on. You gotta deal with them or do you, your thoughts control everything. So thought audit this shit outta your stuff. I wanna be rich. I don't fuck rich means to you. I know what it means to me maybe. So if you tell someone you wanna be rich and they start telling you how to get rich, you gotta stop for a minute and say, you don't even know what the fuck that means to me. They can be telling you go left. When you're trying to go, right mark, I wanna be healthy. I wanna be a better dad. I wanna be a better wife, a better husband, whatever we're getting older recently. I just found out two guys. My, one of my be like buddies has they passed away massively UN expectingly great men doing great shit with great kids. And they have everything going for 'em and boom tragic accident.

(17:04): That's going to be it's the end for all of us. Eventually I've talked about this on multiple shows about how death motivates me. Death drives me, keeps me moving forward. When I don't want to, I don't wanna work out a fucking 5:00 AM or 6:00 AM. I got to right. I don't want to do conference calls sometimes all day, but I got to it's what I signed up for. It's part of the game. I don't wanna fucking hang out and do nothing on Sunday with certain people I got to cuz it's what I signed up for with my family. I don't like watching football. It's fucking like watching paint drive for me. I don't care about it. It's not bad. It's just that's who I am. I don't mind going to the games and creating experience with my dad and my father-in-law, my kids and you know, my, my buddies and my cousins or whatever, but watching it on TV, I just don't get anything out of it. Here's why though. I think my whole life, I grew up Saturdays and Sundays people took off and just fucking got wasted over eight complained. Didn't like their life and tried to escape something. I'm not trying to escape anything I'm trying to enhance. So you gotta be conscious of these things that are happening. Like, oh, it's just what we do. No, it's not motherfucker. It's what you used to do. If you're trying to lose weight, you can't keep eating 6,000 calories a day of all bad stuff. It just will not work out. Well. You got to think and change. You gotta change the thought. The thought leads to the action. The action leads to the results. Only you can do it. Nobody else. You came into this world by yourself. I guarantee you're gonna lead this fucking world by yourself. Not say people around you. Don't love you and all that shit.

(18:56): I'm not saying that. But what I'm saying is you gotta pay attention. You, everyone talks about the five people you're around and all that. And the reason most people talk about that is they're hanging out with five people that really are not driving forward. Talking about the same shit. They're not conscious of their thoughts. They're not conscious of their actions. They're just going through the motions. I hate talking to fucking people and I'm like, what's up today, man? Another day, another dollar and or same old shit Evans. What's up with you like dude, I fucking talk to you every week. It's the same old shit. That's a problem, dude. I'm growing, I'm buying two companies. I'm selling this thing. I just lost $12,000 over here, but I'm gonna make 42 grand over here. Hired this person, man, this, this guy sucked. I shouldn't have hired him. Why didn't he tell me Evans? But I hired this one and they're gonna change the game for me. Be excited about the process. Heard someone recently like, like, dude, don't fall in love with the process. You gotta go take a piss dude. The, the, going to the bathroom is only the destination, right? You gotta get to the destination. Which part I call it a checkpoint. My end goal is not just wake up and go to the pisser. It's to wake up. It's a checkpoint in the destination. My destination is to get up earlier. My destination is to look better. Feel leaner, you know, just be better. We all have it inside of us. Everyone has it inside of them. The question is, are you listening to it? You know, better. Your conscious knows better to me. Consciousness is like, it's almost like God, right.

(20:37): You know, what's right. And what's wrong. You know when you're like eating that fucking bag of chips that you shouldn't be eating it. And you're can you just eating your conscious way. I know. Cause I've done that a million times. Get your fat ass up last yesterday, I was about, I was literally, it's like five o'clock everyone's like hanging out veg out. I'm like, dude, I'm gonna fall asleep. Yes. I wanna take a fucking nap, but I still gotta workout my second workout. So I go literally dragging myself to put all my workout clothes, tell my father-in-law and I'll be back. How long are you going for? Oh man, you want a piece of pie? No, get outta the house as fast as possible. Evan. That's why I kept telling myself, get the feet moving. Keep the feet moving. Keep the feet moving. This is every day.

(21:27): It gets bigger. As you get bigger, by the way, there's more noise. There's more people cheering you on. There's more people saying great job. There's more people wanting to hang out with you cuz you're making money and it's not because you're cooler. It's cuz you're making money. They wanna get access to that. Trust me, we are here on a path of opportunity that I've never seen before my entire life. You and I have never had it easier to connect with people around the world with a click of a button, you could literally shoot a video post on Instagram, post it on TikTok. You could shoot a text message on Instagram or Facebook or any of these platforms. LinkedIn connect with people. People are saying stuff to connect with them. You could say it's never been easier. But your thoughts because uh, I'm gonna mess up. I don't speak well. I don't write well, well fuck with that kind of thought process. You're never going to anyways. Not only that, you're not that fucking important. Let's be honest. No one cares about your text. No one cares about your video. Why? Cause you ain't fucking doing it. It's funny to me. It's always like, it's like, this is my saying dad not drama. Right? The ovens just not working. Cool. How many people you talk to, man? I haven't got through that yet. Well fuck you. Ain't working. That's why it's not working. Shut the fuck up.

(22:52): See the thing is you're delusional. That's why I like hanging out with people doing big shit. Cause I think I'm doing big shit. Then I go hang out with the guy really doing big shit. And I'm like, fuck, I gotta set my game up. They're no different than me. They're no bigger than me. They're no better than me. They're no smarter than me, but they're doing bigger shit than me. And that starts from within. They're asking different questions. They're talking with different people. They're doing different things than I'm doing. And I wanna learn that shit. See, it's funny when I'm 10 years old, when I'm excuse me. When I'm 21 years old, I thought I was a fucking man. I know everything. I'm gonna conquer the world through me now at 44, I'm like, dude, I'm a fucking child. I'm just learning the game of life. What it's really about how to grow, how to be smart, how to lead, how to drive, how to help other people be successful beyond belief. You may or may not know this, but this fucking show costs me. Six figures a year to send to you for free.

(24:01): I do stuff on social media for free. I do the podcast show for free cuz I wanna help people. I don't care if you ever buy anything from me, I don't have anything for the sell. I wanna help people wanna help themselves. I wanna see you change your life trajectory. Like I change mine. I wanna see you change your family tree financially, mentally, emotionally, physically. I want you to dominate in all areas. I want you to get the joy that I get to, to hang out with my fucking kids. Whenever I want to. I want you to have the joy to be able to fucking buy what you want when you want to. I want you to share your wins and not worry about what people fucking say, cuz it doesn't matter what they say. If I don't share a win with you, how do you know what winning looks like?

(24:50): Trust me. You know how fucking losing looks like, cuz everyone's fucking losing around you. Everyone posts their losses. Everyone's sharing all the negative shit. If it doesn't bleed, it don't lead. My man who's sharing their wins with you. What are you? Are you hanging out with guys? That's like sharing big ass wins or are you hanging out with that fucking Mickey mouse person that shares a window? Dude, you're bragging motherfucker. This ain't a brag. This is wimpy shit. We ain't done nothing. You wanna get in rooms where people are sharing wins. My guy, every fucking guy in my group. I'm rolling with. We're talking about the next big businesses that we're buying and selling the employees we're gonna bring on and onboard and change their lives. We're talking about how to change the trajectory of people's lives. You included how to make you better. How to make you stronger.

(25:42): How to make you think for your fucking self, how to avoid the noise, the negativity, the drama, focus on the data. There's nothing better than waking up and being able to do what you want when you want. But some people get that twisted. Like there's nothing to do. I do a lot. I just do it different. Now I do more today with doing less activity but different activity. If that makes sense at all. I talk about it in a book I wrote called 10 minute business owner. It's the power of constraint. You got 10 minutes to work a day. What do you do? How do you do it? What do you say? Who's on the phone. What are you talking about? What? I'm not talking about. Bullshit. I don't give a fuck. What Nancy, Joe Johnson said about this or that dude. Where are we at? What's going on? Data drama, not drama, no drama, data, data, data, data. Okay. Anxiety, attack, anxiety, check data. I need more data. What's going on. Understanding what the data's saying. Are we growing? Are we shrinking? Are we extracting? Are we, are we accomplishing the goals that we set out for?

(26:44): Someone's gotta do the work. I read a book called virtual investing made easy back in 2006. I think people do. You don't work mother. Fuck. I'm sitting on a beach. That doesn't mean I'm not working. It's just, you go to an office in a cubicle and I sit on the beach and get a tan with my headset. It's the same shit. I just work different than you. We can have the same or better outcome or worse outcome. I don't know cuz I'm not competing against you. I'm trying to make me better motherfucker. Some people are like, dude, you yell at me. No I'm yelling because I'm care. If I didn't care, I'd be like, Hey guys, you know, there's this cool thing called thought, auditing, you know, check out, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I wanna help you. I wanna see you succeed at levels. You don't even know exist. I want you to text me five years from now and say, dude, I, I listened to this podcast show fucking September of 20, 22. And like it hit, you sold a company for a hundred million because of that show, boom, what's next? You sold it for a hundred million. Why not? Two 50 sold for a hundred million. What are you gonna do now? What's the next thing? Where are you taking it? How can I help you?

(28:01): I don't wanna show up here every day. I don't wanna show up just fucking show every week. But I have to. It's my duty to you. I made a commitment and I'm sticking to it. I don't abandon when I'm sick. I don't abandon when I'm tired. I don't abandon. When I'm busy, I fucking, I made a commitment to show up and I'm showing up. Are you for free? How many people are you helping for? Free? How many people are you sharing your knowledge on social media for free? I don't wanna be judged motherfucker. You already judged. Stop judging yourself and start sharing the truth. If some people only seen what goes on over here, they'd realize like, fuck, I'm playing small dude. I'm playing small. I remember going this true story. I talked about a long time ago. I went to a 32 million house. I paid $2,500 or 5,000.

(28:59): I don't remember. That was a long, long time ago, late nineties. I went to this mansion and I fucking met the guy that was buying. I'm like, dude, this guy is no fucking smarter me. But the truth is I was young, cocky thought I knew everything, but I knew I didn't know anything. That's why I was there truthfully. But as soon as I stepped foot on the grass, I, I swear. I got off the bus. I stepped foot on the grass. I'm like, this is real. They built this house for somebody. And they started asking a question. Why not me? I didn't judge the guy. I'm not judging like, oh man, he's dumb and blah, no dude. Why can't I be here? Why can't this be my house? Who do I need to become to show up here 20 years later and own this bitch five years later, two year, whatever the year time who, you know, what's funny about all this shit. I thought a hundred grand was a lot of money. If I made a hundred grand in a week, I'm in trouble. shit. A hundred grand a day in our companies, right? We'd be in trouble. There's so much opportunity when you get outta your own way, it all starts with your thoughts mark. You don't understand. I work hard. The fuck does hard work mean I know what it means to me, but you've been fucking working hard for 20 years and you have no extra results either I'm fucking delusional or you're lying or both.

(30:35): See, I see people say, dude, I've owned a company for 35 years, make 150,000 a year. How the fuck do you only make 150 grand a year in 35 years. That might sound like a Dick conversation, but dude, you're lying to yourself. You're stealing from your future. You're stealing from your family. You're stealing from customers. You could help 150 grand a year. I could ask. You could accidentally get outta bed and fucking stub your tone and make that. And I'm not downplaying it. There is a process to the journey, but dude, 35 years deep and you're only making 150 GS. Oh my God, I'd be pissed. That means you're. You're just consciously going through the process. Subconsciously. I should say you're just going through the motions. If you will think, use that brain. Everything you want is inside of you. You just have to ask the different questions, start digging deeper and start focusing on what you really want. You've suppressed cuz all your friends you're hanging out with. Dude, that'd be nice. It's easy for you, but not me. No, whatever bullshit they say. Yes it is nice motherfucker. Wait till you see what I'm really up to, right? This is the stuff we have to be thinking about. Thought auditing will change your life. Are you willing to change it? This is why I'm never satisfied. Cause my thoughts are evolving. As I evolve, I just need little wins. I need to see it in motion. There's great people out there that have a lot of money.

(32:13): I wanna help you. There's bad people out here that don't have any money that act like they want to help you or grown. Try to take it. There's also bad people who wanna, you know, they it's just bad people in life, right? Get away from it. As fast as possible. You only got one shot at this thing called life. My friend, and I want you to make the most of it. I'd hate for you to be a victim in life where everything's everyone else's fault. But your fault life is too short for that bullshit. There's customers like I have kids. I have two kids. I have a seven year old, a three year old. I could not imagine it looking in there a little wise saying, you know what? Your dad's a fucking loser. I give up on my dreams. I don't talk about my wins. I don't talk about my losses. Everything I've learned is because everyone else's fault. I, I don't have anything cuz it's their fault. Take responsibility from this point forward. I want nothing but the best for you. Even if you hate my guts, I don't care. I wanna see you succeed and life and succeed in life is different for everybody. If you only wanna make a hundred billion, the guy making a billion could succeed and you could succeed with the guy with the billion. It's not like if you get a hundred million and I get a billion, like we take from each other, actually we can enhance each other. I do know this. It's a very short journey on planet earth and we gotta make the most of it. I wake up every day thinking about you, how my problems and the things I've went through 26 years of the grind.

(33:49): How I've come through here to get to where I'm at. And if some small fucking hillbilly kid like myself can do it. That has, I have struggles just like everybody, but I don't make 'em my excuse. I listen to 'em acknowledge 'em. I connect with myself about my thoughts, my thought audit constantly. Why do I feel this way? Where's this feeling coming from? Insecurity, opportunity, obstacle, grandpa, whatever. Write this shit down. What thought serves me? What thought gets me moving forward? What thought can I do? Who can I, by the way, if I don't change the thought process on me, I can't change the thought process with my children, my wife and my friends around us. We're all thinking to grow. I'm very growth oriented down. I don't wanna wake up every morning or early. I got to, I don't wanna go to the gym every day, seven days a week.

(34:50): I got to, I don't wanna fucking do conference calls every week I got to, these are things I've put forth. I'm not satisfied with where I'm at. Cuz I know I'm capable of more. I know if I can just share with one more person, change one more person's life. It's not just their life. It's their kids' life. It's their whole family life. Cuz I was willing to take the action. We all could do it now. It's never been easier to communicate your message to the world at a high level through books, podcast shows audio books, emails, Instagram, Facebook, social media everywhere. Please don't get satisfied. Never, never sat. I'm not saying don't enjoy the process. Don't enjoy the journey. Not saying that don't stop and get lazy. Don't get complacent. Don't think that you've made it. Cause when you do that's when you get in trouble, become a better you invest hours.

(35:51): I invest four, five hours a day on me through audio books. Through podcast shows through me, sitting in the sauna, reading a book through me, going, working out. That's my time to make me better. Guess what? If I get better? My life gets better. I get better. My kids' lives get better. I get better. I can help you better. I'm right where you're at. I've been there. I've done that, but you have to do it yourself. You have to do it for you. I wrote a book about this called me economy, get selfish. It's the most unselfish thing you can do in this context. We need you here. We need you sharing your voice now has never been a bigger time than fucking right now to do that. I trust that you'll do it. I trust that you'll learn where your thoughts are coming from and what's driving you away closer or further away from your dreams and goals.

(36:46): Start getting around big thinkers, start getting around big dreamers. Most importantly, start getting around big doers. People making fucking moves, making an impact and listen to this. Be very crystal clear. Listen. If someone tells you something, make sure they're telling you and they're the where you want to be. If they're not fucking listen to it at zero level, why would I listen to someone telling me how to be a business guy that doesn't own a business? Why would I tell someone like, dude, you shouldn't share your success. And then I go to their social media and they have two followers. I have 500,000. Huh? So you're saying if I, I, I just go like west, this guy was talking. He's like, so if you're saying I could be like you, I don't wanna fucking be you. I don't want two people. I want 500,000. I want 5 million. I want 50 million. I want 500 million or however many people in this world. Connect, listen, thought, audit and grow. And remember never be satisfied. It's your time. It's now or never. So with that said make they count. I'll see you next week. Have an amazing day.

(37:59): I'm helping how freedom there. Ain. No question. When he's closing deals, tell him what the DM stands for. I'm a deal maker, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. The journeys where it's at, it's all about the process. It's come to get over to the DM project from a small town of, so I know how it is. Come from a lot of money. I remember as a kid wanted them make honey bread. Didn't see no one making more than that. Graduated high school with a 1.8, like should have held me back. I owe my principals and teachers are alive just to witness this. I'm a own ball. Some out here running two way, figure businesses. I can walk away from it all and I'll be good. I been called to help people just like, y'all learn the game.

(38:48): It's come to ball. Everybody chasing the money, but I'm not chasing the money. I'm out here chasing the purpose. So I been working my whole life. Guess where we at? Is it gonna get us where we wanna go? So come to push to learn. So to grow more, Kevin I'm helping teach him what I, what I know and how I discover freedom. There ain't no push more. Kevin's when step the he's to what the stands for. I'm a deal, a deal, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. The journeys where it's at, it's all about the, get the deal, deal, deal, deal, makeup.

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