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There are more real estate investors than ever before snatching deals right from under your nose.

Which means, you’ll never be able to unlock sustainable and predictable growth by spending all day on your laptop and phone. You need a team if you want to survive. So should you hire everyone in-house or outsource it to remote workers?

One method results in growing profits, shrinking frustrations, and unlocking growth. The other method sabotages your sanity, your business, and your freedom.

In this episode, you’ll discover why outsourcing can catapult your growth rate. And how to find the best remote teammates to help you build your empire.

Listen now.

Show highlights include: 

  • How to magnetize hot and high-quality leads to your real estate investing business (without running Facebook Ads, posting bandit signs, or networking until you can’t talk) (0:40)
  • The “Four Pillars” filter for separating hot qualified leads from time wasters before uttering one word to them (1:15)
  • Why hiring a remote team is more profitable and less frustrating than using an in-house team (even if you never meet your remote teammates) (5:59)
  • The counterintuitive reason remote team members are more motivated and disciplined than in-house teammates (6:21)

If you need a growth partner for your real estate investing business or help finding high-quality VAs, visit our website here: https://nomadux.com/.

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Wanna stop talking to cold leads in the real estate closers. You'll discover how to stop sourcing deals and start closing them. After working with hundreds of wholesaling businesses, Samantha and David share how you can build systems that give you motivated sellers on autopilot, and now carry your hosts. Samantha and David.

(00:25): Hello everybody. This is Samantha. Again, this week's episode is about how your business will benefit from using the real estate closes. What exactly are the main benefits about using our service? Firstly, we generate leads so you can focus on other aspects of your business. Our VAs are trained to qualify, leads for you and find you the hottest leads that they can possibly find so that you can really just focus on other aspects of your business. So what exactly is a hot qualified lead? Well, I guess this really does depend on each client and their market and specifically what they look for. But generally we do train our agents in accordance to what we call the four pillars. The four pillars include the following motivation. How motivated is the potential prospect, not just the motivation, but what is their pain point? Why do they want to sell?

(01:36): Where are they moving to after they plan to sell their property? Are they downsizing? Are they moving out of states, maybe their elderly, are they gonna be moving in with a family member? What is their pain point? Are they in some type of economic crisis distress? How is the, the condition of the property? This is the second pillar. What is the condition of the property? Have there done any major repairs to the property? This really ties in with the motivation as well, because you know, if they've invested thousands of dollars into their property, then maybe we're looking at more of a retail lead. A lot of our clients are investors. So they're really trying to find that cash offer. If the condition is not great and they need to invest a lot of money into the property, then this is where it can be a real benefit for them to use an investor because they'll buy the property completely as is, uh, the third pillar would be what is the timeline?

(02:45): And again, this does tie directly to motivation. When are they looking to sell, how quickly do they want to sell? Is it just something that they may have just thought about and have been chatting maybe with their partner or is there a real deadline? Is it within the next month or within the next 90 days? Not just that again, where are they planning on moving to, if they're not sure where they're moving to, or they don't really have an idea, then maybe they're not really that motivated and they could just be what we call a tire kicker or a time waster. And finally, the last pillar, which is very important is the price. What is, uh, the prospect's asking price? Is it ridiculous? Is it way over market value or is it actually may be below the, the estimate? So a lot of our VAs, they will look on different apps like, uh, Redfin or Zillow to see if they can get an idea about when the property was last sold and what the actual Zestimate is as a range in some states, these types of websites, aren't always so accurate, but Zillow generally can give you a, a basic idea.

(04:03): Now, in addition to just providing the lead generation IE cold callers, that will be cold calling and using a script and making these outbound calls, which are cold calls using a list that the client would provide alongside the dialer. We actually, uh, can hire people to help manage the leads, to nurture the leads, which is what we would call a lead manager. I see the lead manager as really the bridge between the marketing department and acquisitions. So this would be someone that you would hire when you feel that you already have a really good volume of leads. You don't want to be hiring really a lead manager when you don't really have high volume of leads. I always recommend clients to do that themselves and hire a cold caller to first generate the leads. And then once the volume is high enough, and you're getting to that point where it's becoming a little difficult to do all the follow ups, then we would recommend bringing on a lead manager, someone that can nurture, qualify the leads.

(05:22): And in some cases, depending on the size of your organization, they can even run the comps, make the offer, or which is most common in most real estate organizations. They would simply hand over, uh, once they've set an appointment hand that lead over to the acquisition team for them to make the offer, send out the contracts and close the deal. As you can see, just by highlighting a couple of benefits. The real key objective here that I want to relay to you is that it's really, really valuable for your business. If you can create and hire a highly skilled remote team where you don't have to manage them in house, there are so many headaches, so many hassles to hiring a team in house. And let me tell you, I know this from experience. We have so many clients, they come to us and they say, you know, I've been trying to hire this role that I need to fill in house.

(06:32): And once I get the person in, they, they look good on paper. And then once they're in the office, they, they don't last. They, they last maybe a week or two. And then I have to start shifting through CVS again and starting the hiring process. So I can't tell you how advantageous this is. If you haven't tried it before, I recommend that you do. If you have other investor friends that have tried or, or currently been successful with a remote team, speak with them, ask about their experiences, get more knowledge. And just to go into further detail, to elaborate more on this, I'm going to bring in David, who is the second part of the dynamic duo of the real estate closes. And he's going to give you more insight about the benefits of having and hiring a remote team. Hey David,

(07:35): Thanks Samantha. Yeah, that's right. So what are the benefits? What are the key benefits of outsourcing this kind of activity and not doing it yourself in house? Well, if you think about it, your business is about closing deals. It's about generating revenue. You know, it's about building a long term business with good revenue streams. Now, everything you do that isn't related to that really takes away your focus from the main objective, which is just as I've described it's to generate revenue, grow your business, close deals. Now, anything that you're not doing relating to that you should really try and eradicate. So one of the things you can do is obviously outsource. So why outsource to a company like ours? Well, some of the key things are that we save you time. Now, time in business is, is hugely, hugely important. Once you've lost time, once you've spent time, you can't get that time back.

(08:30): If you look at any management books or speak to any of these management gurus, and they'll say managing your time, time management is really, really key. So we do that. We save you time. What can you do with that time? Obviously you close more deals. You generate more business. You have more time to look at strategies for your business. How are you going to operate in your area? How are you going to compete with the, the competition that's out there, do things differently from them. What's your unique selling opportunity. Home buyers get calls every day, lots and lots of calls. There's hundreds of companies doing what you do. That's where you should be spending your time, working your way through those challenges and not managing people, managing call callers, managing lead managers, acquisition managers, letters do that for you. The other thing is obviously there's the cost side.

(09:21): Managing people is very, very expensive. Employing people is expensive. You know, you've got to look at the benefits that you provide to them. You know, you've got to look at the taxes. You've got to look at social security payments. You have to make as an employer. And there's all sorts of things. Insurance, employer, liability insurance, the less staff staff you have to manage personally, not only do you save time, but you can save a significant amount of money as well. It really does work. That cost benefit analysis of outsourcing versus in-house employment in this business really does dividends. And you can see the, uh, you can see the positive benefits very quickly after doing it. The other thing that we do is they really, really grinding important tasks, but they really, really take so much time payroll it's. So time consuming, you have to be very accurate with payroll.

(10:12): You've got to make sure everyone's paid properly. If you don't pay your staff properly, you know what happens? You've got a happy person. You've got a demotivated member of your workforce. Are they gonna be performing for you to their best? The next day, when they've been paid incorrectly, they're short paid. They think that maybe you've done it on purpose, or they maybe think that, you know, you're not organized. They feel uncomfortable, or they go home to their partner and they say, what are you doing? Working for them? They've paid you wrong. It can cause a lot of problems. We do all that. The, the hiring of people, again, hugely, hugely time consuming. We do this as a business, as well as operating in the real estate market. We have a, a global recruitment company and we're constantly recruiting for businesses, not just in the real estate sector, but other sectors too.

(10:59): And we know how much detail you have to go into to re recruit somebody how much time, how much money, the processes that you have to go through the first interview, the second interview, the final interview screening the CVS, going through the CVS. These are things that you, as a business owner in the real estate sector, really estate investment person like yourself doesn't want to be doing. It just takes you away from that main focus of generating revenue, closing deals and building a long term profitable business. The other things that we do are disciplinaries. Um, obviously sometimes staff do need to be disciplined. There's performance management issues. We take care of all that, and we have all the processes in place to manage that another crucial aspect is quality control. Of course, you are going to have your own quality control at standards and processes for your business.

(11:48): When you work with us, we've got a huge team and a very dedicated team and highly skilled and experienced team of quality control staff and experts. And they're monitoring your agent on your behalf all day, every day, week in, week out, month in, month out, making sure that they're working as you want them to, are they following your script? We agreed that you wanted to follow for your business. Are they speaking to the customers properly? Are they representing your brand and your business appropriately and professionally? So we take care of all that. And we provide you with regular reports and updates and feedback. And at any time, you know, we can take quick action, remedial action. We can remove agents if that's what's required. That's very rare, but on occasions we have had to do it. We do all that for you. So you can just carry on seamlessly with our agents, whether it be cold, calling, lead, managing or acquisition managers, you can just focus on generating business and growing your business.

(12:48): I would say the final thing that's really important is how flexible our service is. So, you know, this flexibility of the hours. For instance, you can have an agent for 20 hours a week, 30 hours a week, 40 hours a week. Full-time you can have two agents. Part-time one agent fulltime or vice versa. The other thing that's flexible are also our prices. We can tailor our pricing to suit you. You know, some of our clients require, for instance, only us expats, the us citizens, people born and bred in the us where English language is their native language. Other, um, clients are quite happy to have bilingual agents. We have a wide variety of different types of agents, you know, central American, south American us born. And we can tailor the agent and the pricing to the requirement for your business so we can meet your business needs and your budget.

(13:40): The other thing that we have is because we're in this business and we've been in this business for so long now, we've seen a lot of clients. We've seen successful clients. We've seen successful campaigns. We've seen clients that haven't been quite so successful. Some have been absolute disaster, and we've seen all the reasons why that is what are the key reasons our clients are successful versus the other key reasons when some of our other clients aren't successful. So we've got all that knowledge and we've got all that information that we can help share with you on an advisory basis. We don't charge for that. It's something that because we're dealing with day in, day out with our clients, we can share so that you've got guaranteed pillars and building blocks for success, uh, right from the start when you work with us. So I would say that overall, they're the key things that are the benefits that outsourcing provide to you, gives you time, saves you. Time, allows you to focus on what's important in your business as the business owner revenue, long term growth business strategies that are gonna set you apart in the competition, and really let us take those other mechanical, very important operational business areas of payroll, managing staff, HR, recruitment, all those things that are hugely important, but just drain you of your time and energy. So I'm now actually going to pass you back to Samantha. Uh, who's gonna talk to you about how the increased bleed equals more closings, more revenue and more success.

(15:12): Thanks so much, David. So yes, as David was saying a big factor and a big advantage of using a service provider like the real estate closers like like us, is that you're not tied into an expensive labor contract. You can effectively stop the service. Uh, whenever you like, as long as you give us a two week notice, period, unlike if you are hiring in house, you have so many other issues that you need to deal with. You have to worry about taxes. You have to worry about different types of employee benefits. Generally you have to pay above market rates in order to get decent talents compared to the rates that we offer. Frankly, we're not the cheapest in the market, but we're not the most expensive. And compared to what the hourly rate would be, that you would have to invest, uh, for somebody based in the United States, our rates are really, really accessible, which brings me on to the next point regarding flexibility, as David was saying, we can offer you a great deal of flexibility with our service.

(16:25): If you need to change the approach, say for example, you're using a script, but you need to tweak it or you want to adapt it. Or you'd like us to give you a script or edit something. We can do that. If you decide that you need a different role, maybe we have clients that start off with cold callers, but then they realize that they need someone that can actually do more acquisitions, running the comps, getting the comparables, calculating the ARV, or maybe someone that's more of a lead manager. So many different clients come towards with different issues and what they may necessarily need at the beginning of the campaign may shift and may change. We're highly adaptable to that. We can give you a different VA. For example, maybe you want a different accent. Maybe you started off with a man and maybe you'd like to change to a lady.

(17:22): You maybe just want a softer voice or, or a different type of personality. So we can really adapt to that. I feel that we're really on point with listening, active listening with our clients to really understand what it is they need in order for them to be successful. Because our goal, our objective is to get you an increased amount of leads. So you get more closings, which mean that you get more revenue for your business, which equals success. And as your service provider, we want to work with you as partners in success, not just as a client service provider relationship. We really want to work together to make your business successful. Because if you are successful, then we'll be successful because we want to have clients for the longevity. For the long term we have in our portfolio of clients, people who have been with us for a couple of years now, and that really is the ideal client profile.

(18:30): Someone who is successful, happy, pleased with the service, and they see the value that we add to their business. And this brings me onto another point, which is scalability with our price points. I feel that it's very comfortable and very accessible for clients to scale. And that's really, again, another objective of ours. We want you to be successful so that you can scale with our model. So you can start with one VA and then scale up to two to three. And maybe even to four with our price points. As I said, we're not the cheapest on the market, but we're not the most expensive. We feel that it's really accessible for our clients to be able to scale. And that's what we've seen. That is the best growth. Obviously we like to acquire new clients, but the best growth is when we expand from within our current client base, because that means that we're doing something right.

(19:35): It means that we're building a long term relationship with our clients where they trust us. They, they want to continue using our service and they see the value that we are adding, which is effectively making their business, grow close deals and get more revenue just to summarize the benefits of using a service provider like ours is that you can create a virtual team without needing to have the hassle, the time consuming efforts or bringing someone in in house. We can do it for you. You can focus on the core competencies of your business. Meanwhile, we'll be in the background, we'll have your VA highly trained, doing all the tasks and we will be managing them in the background, paying them, listening to their calls. Additionally, our management team is very contactable. Uh, we're available all through the week weekends through Skype, WhatsApp on our direct line.

(20:40): We really hope that you enjoyed our show. And please don't hesitate to look through our website, ww.noma.com. And please, if you want to contact us, you can fill out your details on our contact form, or you can also click on the green WhatsApp button. You can send a text message directly to me, and I'll be happy to answer any questions that you may have. We can have a free consultation. We're happy to, to give away for a lot of information that you may need, any tips, queries, et cetera. And please also, when you're on our website, scroll down to the bottom from the landing page, and you'll see a couple of videos of client testimonials of highly satisfied clients. Again, I just want to say farewell, thank you so much for listening to the show and we'll see you next week. Bye-bye

(21:34): Thank you very much, Samantha. And as Samantha says, please go to that website, www.medock.com, press on the green button there for the WhatsApp, uh, message. And you'll get through to Samantha and we can set up a call and talk about your business requirements and we really hope, and that you've enjoyed some of the information that we've shared with you today. And that you've ha you've got some great ideas from it. We've really enjoyed speaking to you. And we look forward to speaking to again soon. Next time. Thank you.

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