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Sometimes people ask, is sleep the cousin of death? This is mainly because there does not seem to be much difference between having a regular sleep and lying on a coffin. Tune in as the human strength expert Kyle Newell discusses both physical and metaphorical aspects of it! He shares some classic insights from his experiences that everyone can also apply.

Time for Everything

It was in 2011 when Kyle and his wife Devin just moved in together. It was also the time when the Newell Strength facility just opened. That year proved to be a major adjustment period to him.

He wanted to spare some time together with Devin. So, he decided to get up by 4AM before training at certain days. He didn’t want both his time for Devin and for work to go in conflict.

From 4AM, however, that eventually turned to 3:30AM until it finally became 2AM. He did not care much if he didn’t get enough sleep. He wanted to make sure everything’s settled with.

Not a Sign of Weakness

Kyle would always hear people say that you should only sleep when you’re dead. He practiced that until his body started breaking down. Consequently, he suffered from severe pneumonia and a ruptured patellar tendon in their first year of marriage.

Later on, a friend told him not to believe guys when they say they don’t sleep. Sleep is not necessarily a sign of weakness.  

The Significance of Sleep

Kyle found that most people need at least 6 hours of sleep. Everyone needs sleep to manage energy well.

From what he learned in functional medicine, 10PM to 2AM is when the physical repair of the body takes place. Psychological repair then occurs from 2AM to 6AM. It’s how the human body functions.

Download and listen to today’s episode titled Is Sleep the Cousin of Death? An expert in his field, Kyle wants to help people get better in life. Share this to your friends, family, and loved ones.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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