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On today’s episode, James Newberry discusses How to Build a 40-Million Social Following with Eric Rardin. Eric is the Vice President for Business Development at Care2.com, the world’s largest social network. They have about 40 million people in their online community. Tune in!

Up to Make a Difference

Petitions are a great way to spark engagement. It gives people the opportunity to make the first step and make a differences in the causes they care about.

People enjoy having those kinds of opportunity. They do not necessarily have to do desperate actions. As a whole, they can really make a significant difference.

Success Story with GREY2K USA

Eric has been working with GREY2K USA. Care2 recently gave them an Annual Make a Difference Award.

They have been working with them on a petition to ban greyhound racing in Virginia. In just few days, they gathered more than 60,000 signatures to turn it into a law.

Complementary Channels

Care2 has millions of people to sign up on charities. They engage them through different channels. Through direct mail and emails, they get to convert them into donors.

In one charity, they spent $40,000 in their initial campaign. But, they got all of the money back in just 6 months. From his experiences, Eric saw email and direct mail worked well together.

Download and listen to How to Build a 40-Million Social Following with Eric Rardin.

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