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In today’s show, the human strength expert Kyle Newell shares his two personal secrets to success in life and in the gym.

Here are the show highlights of My Number One Strength and My Number One Drug of Choice:

  • What are the big 2 default definitions of success? (1:20)
  • Kyle’s secret drug (4:33)
  • Kyle’s work ethic (4:55)
  • What is PHW? (7:46)
  • Getting started is really hard (10:04)
  • How to leverage your time effectively (13:47)
  • Kyle’s 2d secret to success (14:19)
  • Importance of mindset (17:02)
  • What’s the best way to learn something? (18:28)
  • Recap PHW (20:00)

Define What Success Means to You

When you hear Kyle talk about mind-mapping it’s very important for the brain to have clarity in order to move forward. In life, Kyle observes two default definitions, health and success.

Health is defined more often than not by losing weight. Success is usually defined by having more money. There is nothing wrong with either but there is more to each.

Hooked on the Gym

When Kyle was in high school he discovered his secret drug. It’s when he first go hooked on the gym, working out and becoming the best he could be. Kyle surrounded himself with older and physically stronger guys. They spent 2-3 hours at the local Y.

In that first year, Kyle experimented with supplements. When his friends graduated, he began to use OTC testosterone boosters. He wanted to get bigger and stronger. He discovered a drug called PHW. This is what really kicked it in for Kyle. he put on 30 pounds between his junior and senior year.

Pure Hard Work

When Kyle was a senior he wasn’t sure he wanted to pursue basketball any longer because of his love for bodybuilding. The football coaches were after him to play because of his size. He decided to play basketball and discovered something during the first few weeks. He had to make the commitment to hit the weights before school. After school and practice or games he was simply too exhausted to devote the focus and energy lifting required. It was Pure Hard Work (PHW).

Download and listen to the entire episode My Number One Strength and My Number One Drug of Choice to hear the rest of Kyle’s secrets to success!

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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