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I was about to head out the door to meet up with my buddies Ben Settle and Kevin Rogers when I realized I hadn't written you yet.

Phew, I dodged a bullet there.

That would have ruined my perfect streak of writing you every single day this year.

And if I have one super power, it's my ability to show up every day – come hell or high water.

Shoot, let's be real – that's just one of my super powers. I gots more where that came from.

Another one of my special abilities is to save you from making the same stupid mistakes I made when I got into podcasting.

Today I want to share three things not to do when you're starting out (or even if you've been in the game a while.)

First things first – don't get into podcasting without knowing exactly what you want your show to do for you. If you start out this way you'll have no direction, you'll flounder around for a while, and you will eventually get burnt out and fail. You gotta start with a plan and a specific goal or else you shouldn't start at all.

Second, don't record one single word until you know exactly who you're talking to. If you don't know who your show is for you won't know the right topics or the best packaging to get their attention. And if you say you're show is for "everybody" then you're already dead. Start with a specific person in mind and make everything about them.

The third big mistake I see people make all the time could cost you a lot of dough and put you out of business before you start. The weird part is, most people who get into podcasting start here. Whenever I see someone who has built a studio for their show before they've covered the first two mistakes I shared with you, I know I'm looking at a complete noob who is a hobbyist more than a business owner looking to amplify their results.

Reason why is because if you cover the first two things I shared with you, the equipment won't matter nearly as much.

In a couple of days the next Podcast Mogul newsletter is going to the printer. Inside that issue I'll show you in greater detail how to avoid these three mistakes so you have a podcast that meets your goals, targets your ideal listener, and gives you some options for equipment that'll have you sounding good without breaking the bank.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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