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On the podcast today, Jim is joined by Mark who has built a business that is second to none. Mark is able to run his business from anywhere on the planet and manages to serve his customers at the absolute best. He shares all of his strategies and tactics of how he's managed to achieve such a business breakthrough and created a life of abundance.

Show Highlights:

  • The ‘secret sauce’ to Mark’s success (5:50)
  • What does the word ‘mobilise’ even mean and why it matters to you (12:20)
  • A critical component in the relationship building process most real estate agents miss (18:20)
  • The one thing that most definitely can’t be systemised (22:40)
  • How to make time non existent and take massive action towards your ideal lifestyle (34:00)
  • The key to solving ALL your buyer/sellers problems. (hint: it’s got nothing to do with you) 38:00

You can never have enough buyers. It’s not only a great way to create fast transactions but it also builds your confidence because you've got a qualified list of go-to’ people who are interesting in the homes you have to offer.

If you have a describable product and you've got enough people who want it, you’re going to be able to create an environment where buyers come straight to you. It means you'll never have to go hunting and searching for buyers again. The effect is like a snowball: it takes a little front loaded research and rapport building to get moving but once its up and running you've got momentum that just keeps building.

One of the biggest curve balls most agents face is they don't have any idea how to interact with the buyer.  It’s a key talent to have in the real estate industry to create great relationships and help clients solve problems.



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