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In today’s show, Kyle takes you through his rules for life. This is part one of the series and you’re going to hear Kyle’s life rules 1-5.

Show Highlights:
How Discipline will get you everything you desire in life (1:05)

Why it's critical you take responsibility for everything in your life (2:20)

What actually happens when you take control of your time (3:20)

The reason most people blame everyone else for their own mistakes (3:50)

Where power actually comes from and it's NOT from your success (4:50)

Why it's vital you must have an urgent deadline on everything you do (6:30)

The TWO critical elements you need when setting goals, and without them you simply won’t achieve them – no matter the size of the goal (7:20)

Why good is good enough and how perfectionism is holding you in the chains and shackles of fear (9:00)

Kyle’s little trick for overcoming your fear of public speaking (11:35)

The two things that you must invest in that will shape who you are as a human being (12:45)

The big difference between spending and investing (14:40)

Why fighting force with force never achieves anything (15:30)

It's important you take control of your life and have a set of rules. Kyle lives his life using a few key rules which he shares the first five in today’s podcast. Kyle quotes “discipline will get you everything in life”. Discipline doesn't mean not having fun.

As soon as you start taking full responsibility for everything in your life, you’re going to give yourself more freedom. What most people spend their lives doing is blaming everyone else for their own problems. Kyle’s big ‘aha’ moment was when he took control of every single thing that manifested in his life.

If you find yourself procrastinating and putting off the important tasks that will move you forward in life, then urgency and specificity is what you must learn. Having a deadline to work towards is how you achieve your goals. Without them, there simply is no urgency.

Kyle shares his 25% rule and why you shouldn't be creating to please everyone. The truth is, when you start standing for something, you will get people who dislike you. But those who do like you, won't just like you, they'll love you.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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