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In today’s show, Kyle tells you about his burning desire to be the best and the importance of having a plan. The motivating story of his past, going from depression to standing on stage as one of the worlds best natural bodybuilders.

Jump straight to the bits you want to hear:

  • Putting fear in its place (0:55 mark)
  • Unlocking your true greatness (1:15 mark)
  • The state of mind for overachieving (3:10 mark)
  • 500 jump shots a day. Everyday. (4:05 mark)
  • A sure fire way how to transform your weaknesses into strengths (8:00 mark)
  • Kyle’s story from depression to the becoming the best natural bodybuilder (10:20 mark)
  • The journey is more important than the trophy (13:00 mark)
  • The correct way to use your happiness gauge (14:00 mark)
  • Becoming your true authentic self (15:20 mark)
  • Why you must have a plan (15:40 mark)
  • The 3 ‘F’s’ to overachieve (16:30 mark)

Have you got a plan or are you just drifting through the motions with no clear goals?

Having a plan is the most important thing and being able to visualise whatever it is your want to achieve. It doesn't matter what your goal is. A plan thats locked together with a burning desire to succeed is potent. Kyle says its like having ‘rocket fuel’ that  will propel you out of the bell curve of being average and mediocre.

The right track

The purpose of any goal is to increase your happiness, and you can instantly tell when you're going off on the wrong track because you become unhappy along the journey. Kyle shares his knowledge and wisdom of how he used his happiness gauge to guide him along the right track when he tells you about his inspiring story from the depths of depression to being a stage ready, natural bodybuilding superstar.


Having a burning desire tied with a solid plan is key. But to be truly passionate about what you're doing is the only way you'll find that burning desire. Most people go through the motions or follow the journey of family and friends because they think its the right thing to do. Kyle shares his thoughts on why you'll never truly succeed.

Having no regrets

A burning desire to achieve any goal only comes when we are trying to be our true authentic self. If you want to look back on your journey and have no regrets and leave your foot print in the sands of the universe, its all about showing your true self. Only then will the desire and the passion truly shine through.


Kyle’s story is an all inspiring one. He was no superior genetically gifted athlete, but the fact that he took two sports and maxed  both his mind and body in the two sports showed his sheer determination to succeed and willingness to over achieve. Going above and beyond what most people would do. Kyle lives by the 3 ‘F’s’ which he shares with you and shows you how you too can become an overachiever.

Key Takeaway Points:

  1. Be passionate about what you want to achieve
  2. Have a solid plan to get you to your goals
  3. Remember happiness is found in the journey along the way
  4. Have no regrets and progressing forward

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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