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The industry as a whole is much more colourful and interesting now. There’s people sharing their point of views from all walks of life and in today’s show, special guest Max Rouser chats with Kevin about race relations in marketing.

The issues that people get hung up on when describing people’s race (4:05 mark)

Getting clarity on how you’d like to be identified and the different perspectives (5:40 mark)

A topic thats often confusing and the wording people should use (6:30 mark)

How silence is often more powerful than the spoken word (11:30 mark)

Producer Jonathan shares his own personal thoughts and and insights (17:40 mark)


Max tells us how a lot of people nowadays get hung up in the safest way to identify someone.

There’s a specific question you can ask to fully understand how people would like to be identified.

Black Lives Matter

An organisation Max is a part of and situated globally what makes sure a voice is being given to the people. The company name gets a lot of people confused due to the wording. Max explains how the company is all about giving power to marginal voices.


Often silence can be so powerful and louder and saying a word. If you’re affected by the issue in such a deep way and people don't acknowledge it in any way, it sometimes says more than not saying anything at all. Kevin expands upon this topic and shares his insights how he handles such situations to form a valuable opinion.


Kevin believes there needs to be an evolution if we want to have an impact on the current race relation situation. In doing so, may include exposing ourselves to uncomfortable situations. Even if you don't want to be apart of this you’ve been born in to a community where this already exists Max explains.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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