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If you’re an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. With all the information out there, you might be wondering what deserves your attention—and what’s a waste of time.

In this episode, Justin reveals some big picture insights for you:

He shares the “Targeting Trifecta“, a three-part framework you can use to increase revenue, lower lead cost, become nearly immune to changes in online platforms and gain a crystal-clear focus to guide your business decisions.

Show Highlights:

– How a “healthy“ diet almost gave him Diabetes… and how a similar, common business mistake might threaten your company. (2:10)

– Unsustainable focus mistakes causing your business to be “Out Of Whack“. (5:50)

– Disguise effective ads to read & feel just like content. (16:40)

– Counter-intuitive uses for email lists most marketers don’t tell you about (it’s NOT staying in touch with your leads) (9:40)

– The hidden downside of saving money in your business—and what to spend money on to maximize growth. (14:50)

– Why video ads are way oversold—and the easy-to-produce alternative to make ads effective. (17:10)

– Design decisions which harm ad performance—and the “design“ adjustments which make your ads more effective and cheaper to create. (18:15)

– The difference between two types of marketers—those who lower their ad costs and those who don’t. (20:00)

– The free method to eliminate the guesswork and be almost certain your ad will work the first time. (20:35)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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