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As we near the end of another school year a lot of women start to assess themselves at the same time their children are being assessed. And while this can be a great practice, sometimes it makes us too hard on ourselves.
Most women are ALREADY too hard on themselves. Feeling stuck in the cycle of not doing anything well enough kickstarts a constant cycle of guilt, or even shame, for not living up to a standard someone else has set, or we have set for ourselves. We become our own worst critic.
So today I want to dig into three of the most common thought patterns many high achieving women get into that may be causing you pain – and also the danger of staying there and not knowing how to move through this pattern to a better place.
Here Are The Highlights:
– The flawed thought pattern holding many women back from achieving more (5:00)
– How not to repeat the same mistakes over and over again (8:20)
– How to quickly redirect and train your brain to focus on problem-solving (11:45)
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Cherylanne Skolnicki

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