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On March 19, 2007, a young man had an argument with his childhood friend about what it takes to get rich.

The boy was only 19 at the time and insisted the only way to become wealth was to go to school, get a degree, get a secure job, and work hard.

He was convinced that formal education is the key to riches because that is what his mother told him and he never questioned her.

His young friend on the other hand who did not excel in school claimed the best way to become a millionaire wasn’t taught by the public school system and that the only thing they teach in school is how to work hard to make other people rich and to prove it he gave the young man a book with a weird title and said he should read it before they continue their talk.

So he did.

He read it cover to cover, three times.

He couldn’t believe the secrets this book revealed about the rich teach their kids about financial wealth. It completely transformed the way the youngman thought about money. It taught him how to think like a rich person.

But most importantly, it presented him with a plan to get his family out of the rat race.

Armed with this new way of thinking about money against his parents’ wishes, the young man quit school and started a home-based business with $10 in his pocket.

He was determined to become a millionaire before he turned 25.

The young man had no plan, no start up capital, and no idea what he was doing.

He had no mentors.

So he had to learn through trial and error.

The next three and half years were the most challenging years of his life.

He went in and out of debt, failed four different businesses, and even lost a few childhood friends in the process but two month after turning 22, he finally made enough money to quit his day job.

He made his first million by the time he turned 25.

This young man is me, your host Igor Kheifets. Rich Dad Poor Dad is the title of the book that forever changed my life.

I decided to share this story with you because on today’s episode of List Building Lifestyle, I’m hosting none other than the world’s most influential financial literacy activist, a bestselling author, motivational speaker, investor, radio personality, the founder of the Rich Dad company and the man who changed my life, Mr. Robert Kiyosaki.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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