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Here are highlights of The 7 Stories Every Sales Letter Needs with Henry Bingaman Pt.1 if you are in a hurry:

Who is Henry Bingaman? (:43 Mark)
Intuition as emotion (8:25 Mark)
What is a Paradigm shift? (12:35 Mark)
The importance of writing things down? (18:16 Mark)
The shocking discovery (20:15 Mark)

The 7 Stories Every Sales Letter Needs with Henry Bingaman Pt.1

In today’s podcast Kevin and Jonathan welcome Henry Bingaman. Henry is a senior copywriter for Money Morning at Agora Publishing.

Intuition is like Chick Sexing

It’s all intuition really. It can be taught. It’s like chick sexing. The big hatcheries have 100,000 hatch a week and they have to sort them individually.

It’s pretty involved with chicken poop and looking for a little bump on the male. There is a group in Japan that can look at a chick and tell you instantly if it’s a male or female.

The group in Japan teaches students but it’s not scientific. You just eventually get. After looking at thousands of chicks over and over it becomes intuition. Intuition can be taught.

The Story is Critical to Copy

Henry has determined that there are seven stories necessary to every promo before they work. The first story is the paradigm shift. Basically, the world to the reader was this way and then you tell them the world is not what they thought it was.

Neural Imprinting

Neural imprinting is the medical application of the virtual reality to pain.Henry began by telling the story of a soldier who suffered severe burns during active duty. He’s in severe pain and the story most people think of as relieving pain is drugs. The paradigm shift is the soldier puts on a headset and his pain is gone.

Want to learn 1-3 of The 7 Stories Every Sales Letter Needs with Henry Bingaman Pt.1? Download and listen to discover Henry’s tips.

To connect with Henry Bingaman, check out his links below and remember he welcomes all questions, comments and inquiries. Remember to mention you heard about Henry on Copy Chief Radio!

Henry on Instagram
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William Zinser’s book Writing to Learn

Books mentioned:
Moonwalking with Einstein
Breaking the Habit Of being Yourself

Henry’s promo with story examples discussed on the call: http://pro.moneymappress.com/NVXVR39/ENVXS2DY/Full?&h=cs


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