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It's Sunday and you know what time it is – it's time to get the best of the week from The Podcast Factory.

But before we jump into that I want to tell you a little story…

Three month's ago I had a chat with one of my mentors who helped me get my real estate business in the best place it has ever been. I thanked him for all his help and brought up the idea of us working together on a show.

The thing is, this wasn't the first time I pitched him the idea of doing a show together.

I've been after him for the last fourteen month's about doing a show together and the timing was never right.

This time the stars aligned and we decided to finally do a show together.

I was so excited I told him, I'm going to get your show to the top of iTunes. You watch and see.

He laughed because he thought I was kidding, but I was dead serious.

His name is Kevin Rogers and you may know him from this weekly newsletter where I share his new show Copy Chief Radio.

Last week his show got on top of the charts and hit the number three spot.

Why am I telling you about this?

Is it to brag? No.

It's because I have a formula that has worked to get my last eleven shows to the top of the iTunes charts.

And I'm going to share it with my Podcast Mogul subscribers in next month's issue.

Not a subscriber yet? You still have some time to subscribe, go to http://PodcastMogul.com now.

This week at “The factory”

List Building Lifestyle with Igor Kheifets

“Anti-Selling secretes to turning reluctant leads into desperate buyers”

Why do some marketers get all the best prospects
knocking on their doorstep while other hardworking
marketers struggle to get sign ups?
Find out in this week's show

Off the Chain Show with Doberman Dan

“Bodybuilding and business”

My foray into bodybuilding was an initial 10-year journey of darn near ZERO progress.
In spite of training so damn hard I often burst blood vessels in my eyes. (That was part of the problem. But that’s a lesson for another time.)
Being an irrationally stubborn person, I persisted in training 4 to 6 days a week for 10 l-o-n- g years in spite of showing no progress.
I just KNEW if I kept eliminating all the things that didn’t work, I’d eventually find something that DID.
And in year 11, I found it.
Listen to this show to find out what “it” was and how you can you use to pack dollars into your bank account.

Copy Chief Radio with Kevin Rogers

“The POSER video formula”

Today’s show is about really short videos. It’s the future. Mobile traffic is making the difference. How do you get people to buy off of video when it’s mobile?
The goal is to make it easy for people to engage on mobile then get people to your website to fill out an order form.
Get the exact formula in this week's show
Epic Story Lifestyle with Michelle Spiva

“How to be funtastic”

What is the point of life if you're not having fun?

Antipreneur with Ben Settle

“The price of pride”

Podcast listener Kyle Davidson (who’s been binging on the old school masters John Caples and and Claude Hopkins) recently sent me a thought-provoking email related to all these people (rampant on facebook especially) who don’t treat their websites as anything other than a way to build a list/make a sale.
I believe that’s only real purpose of a website.

Producer Jonathan

PS – For those of you missing Dan Meredith's Death, Glory, or Disappointment good news – season 2 is on the air this Thursday. I'll keep you posted.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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