Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles

The other day I sent a note asking why you're not podcasting.

Thankfully, some of you wrote back and said you have already started your podcast – kudos to you.

And then some of you gave me different reasons why you haven't started yet.

I know my products and services might be expensive for some of you just starting out – and that's OK.

Why? Because I've put together 16 videos to show you everything you need to get started.

  1. What is the best podcast hosting?
  2. Minimum viable podcast equipment
  3. How to get BIG name guests on your podcast
  4. How to always be interesting on your podcast
  5. How to get more podcast downloads
  6. How to promote your blog with your podcast
  7. How to get email subscribers from your podcast
  8. What is the best podcast downloader
  9. 4 reasons you should start a podcast
  10. Three questions to ask yourself before starting your podcast
  11. How to plan your podcast episode
  12. Should you get a podcast transcript?
  13. How to redirect a domain
  14. Why podcasts fail
  15. Who is listening to your podcast?
  16. What you need to start a podcast

And the cool part is, these videos won't cost you a dime – they're available to your right now at not charge on my You Tube Channel

Click here to watch the videos

Now you have no excuses to starting your podcast show.

You're welcome,
Producer Jonathan


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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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